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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Appears in Hands On Image

Yesterday, a leaked image unveiled a portion of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showcasing its prominent bezels. Today, a similar leak offers a sneak peek at its back. Once more, the full view remains obscured, revealing only a fraction of the upper section.

Nevertheless, this glimpse reveals the corner angles, resembling Samsung’s recent Ultras from the Galaxy S series, with the familiar camera island design characteristic of Samsung devices.

Once more, the cameras will be vertically aligned, a recurring feature for the company. However, unlike the recent trend seen in its non-folding phones, there’s a small connecting island between the cameras. This design resembles last year’s Galaxy Z Fold5, but the oval-shaped island beneath the cameras appears less prominent this time.

Anyone glancing at the back will immediately identify it as a Samsung device. While this recognition is undoubtedly beneficial for the brand, it also means adhering to a familiar design rather than exploring more innovative avenues.

The camera islands on the Galaxy Z Fold6 are anticipated to be larger compared to the Fold 5, with noticeable new rings encircling them, but that’s all that the leaked image reveals. Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 6 officially in July at its upcoming Unpacked event, where it will likely share the stage with other devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Watch 7 series, and Galaxy Ring. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra and Slim may launch later this year or in early 2025, according to rumors.

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Aasil Ahmed