These Most Wanted Professions Make it Easy to Get Work Visa in Switzerland

Switzerland is facing a critical workforce crisis in 41 different areas, according to the 2023 European Network of Employment Services (EURES) Report on shortages and surpluses.

Key sectors affected include healthcare, engineering, IT, education, and the justice field.

The report identifies specific professions facing shortages in Switzerland. The current shortage is offering a big opportunity for foreign professionals who want to move abroad, particularly to Switzerland.

The impacted professions in urgent need of hardworking individuals include:

  • Engineering: Environmental engineers, civil engineers, mining engineers, metallurgists, similar roles.
  • IT: Computer network professionals, systems administrators, database designers, and administrators, applications programmers, software developers.
  • Healthcare: Health professionals, optometrists and ophthalmic opticians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dentists, midwives, nursing professionals, generalist medical practitioners.
  • Education: Special needs teachers, university and higher education teachers.
  • Justice: Judges, lawyers.

Switzerland, along with Ireland and Norway, depends heavily on foreign-trained doctors and nurses.

The demand for skilled labor continues t to rise and opportunities for foreign professionals in these fields are likely to grow even further.

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      To find information about teaching elementary school in Switzerland as a foreigner, you can visit the official Swiss government website or the website of the relevant cantonal (state) education department. Here are a few steps and suggestions:

      1. **Federal Office of Culture (FOC) Website**: The FOC oversees education in Switzerland. Their website might have general information about teaching requirements and procedures for foreigners. Here’s the link: [Federal Office of Culture – Education](

      2. **Cantonal Education Department Websites**: Teaching regulations and requirements can vary between cantons. Visit the website of the specific canton where you’re interested in teaching. For example:
      – Zurich: [Education Department Zurich](
      – Geneva: [Department of Public Education Geneva](

      3. **Swiss Government Portal (**: This portal provides access to various government services and might have links to relevant information about teaching in Switzerland. Here’s the link: [ – The Swiss Authorities Online](

      4. **Contact Points**: If the websites do not provide sufficient information, consider contacting the education department directly via email or phone. They can provide detailed guidance on specific requirements for foreign teachers.

      By using these resources, you should be able to find comprehensive information regarding teaching elementary school in Switzerland as a foreigner.

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