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This Insane Quad Bike Has a Price of €1.2 Million

Slovakian company Engler has unveiled a new creation that redefines the boundaries of what a quad bike can be. The Engler V12 is a twin-turbo V12-engined quad bike with 1,200 horsepower (HP).

A few years ago, Engler made headlines with the Desat, a quad bike boasting the headlights and a 5.2-litre V10 engine from an Audi R8. However, the Engler V12 takes the concept of a ‘super quad’ to an entirely new level. This latest model is equipped with a 12-cylinder engine producing 1,200PS (1,184bhp) and 1,200 Nm of torque (885 lb-ft), all packed into a machine weighing just 1,200kg.

Remarkably, despite its immense power, the V12 quadbike is designed to be accessible. It features a unique handlebar steering system without pedals, making it suitable for wheelchair users, although you won’t be able to store it on this thing.

Company founder Viktor Engler has kept the source of the V12 engine under wraps, only revealing that it will also be available in a naturally aspirated version with 700 to 800bhp. The V12’s design integrates BMW motorcycle handlebars, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, and Michelin tires, with all other components manufactured in-house or custom-made by specialized suppliers.

A standout feature of the V12 is its in-house eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, engineered to handle the vehicle’s power and torque while weighing only 30kg. The quad bike also boasts a titanium exhaust system, 20-inch forged magnesium wheels, new LED headlights, and leather seats crafted by Swedish firm Art in Motion, using the same leather as Hermès bags.

Technologically advanced, the V12 includes two touchscreens: one for vehicle data and another with Apple CarPlay. However, Engler acknowledges the potential safety concerns of using touchscreens on a bike, stating that the layout might be reconsidered to ensure driver safety.

The vehicle’s chassis is a carbon monocoque, with titanium tubular subframes and 3D-printed suspension elements. The V12 also features active aerodynamic flaps and a height-adjustable windshield.

Currently, Engler can produce only 10 units per year. At its public debut at Top Marques in Monaco, Viktor Engler announced that five pre-orders had already been placed. The V12’s price reflects its exclusivity and performance, with a list price set at €1.2 million (Rs. 36.3 crore).

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