Govt Likely to Bar Non-Filers from Travelling Abroad

To strengthen tax enforcement for non-filers the federal government is considering a number of measures including barring non-filers from travelling abroad.

According to sources, at present, the measures provided in law for persons who choose to remain non-filers in response to notice include disabling of mobile phone SIMs and discontinuation of utility connections.

It is pertinent to mention here that back in April, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issued Income Tax General Order (ITGO) to disable the mobile phone SIMs of over 0.5 million persons who are not appearing on active taxpayer list but are liable to file the Income Tax Return for Tax Year 2023.

In order to enhance the cost of non-compliance for non-filers and compel such persons to file returns, it is proposed to bar exit of non-filers from the country.

However, there would be exception for persons traveling for Umrah, Hajj and for persons who are minors, or students.

For live updates on everything about the Federal Budget, visit this link.

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  • This is getting funny everyday now…what’s next? Bar them from using public toilets?

    • Idiots at cabinets. They should instead give relief to tax payer so that more join the club. Like green channels. Better facilities for tax paying families. Cheap ticket of train. Low school fees. Low elec bill.

      Damagh kharab hae Inka

  • This is not the way to increase tax base . Only way is to follow what other countries did by reducing taxes . If tax is 1% to 5% automatically everyone will register and start paying.

    • Stupid comment. Germany has around ~40% tax and everyone is within the tax bracket. Why? Because of such measures. From opening bank account to even getting a sim, you always need your tax ID. No one would happily pay tax even if it is just 0.1%, even in the developed nations. You have to take it out of people’s pocket.

  • This is hilarious and made my Day. Shukar hai all corrupted induvials will remain in Pakistan!

  • I have a job in UAE, i came back to pakistan for eid holidays, em a non filer, won’t they let me go without being filer?

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