Changing Lives, One Story at a Time: Luckyone Mall’s Inspiring Campaign

Have you heard about LuckyOne Mall’s latest campaign, Changing Lives? It’s a heartwarming initiative reflecting the mall’s commitment to giving back to the community.

This campaign was a natural extension of last year’s “Random Acts of Kindness” campaign, which aimed to inspire people to spread kindness and positivity.

About Changing Lives

LuckyOne Mall had taken up a notch with Changing Lives by making a tangible impact on people’s lives. It’s inspiring to see businesses like them leading the way in making the world a better place. Changing Lives was a comprehensive initiative comprising several distinct segments. Each with its own unique focus and objective, including:

Change Makers

The objective of this segment was to encourage people to come forward and share stories about how their actions had positively impacted someone’s life to inspire others.

This segment struck a chord with the community, with over 250 people coming forward to tell their tales. Their stories highlighted individual acts of kindness and also served as a testament to the collective power of compassion and empathy.

A Rescue Tale

Recognizing that acts of kindness extend beyond human interactions, A Rescue Tale celebrated people who go the extra mile for animals. People were encouraged to share their rescue stories, emphasizing the importance of treating all creatures with respect and kindness.

The campaign was prominently featured on LuckyOne Mall’s Facebook page, and participants were rewarded with exclusive gifts through a lucky draw.

Draw for a Life

Providing a creative outlet for expressing kindness LuckyOne Mall invited Mall visitors to create Eid greeting cards. These creations were then delivered to patients, differently-abled persons, and residents of old-age homes, bringing joy and comfort during Eid festivities.

Over 450 people participated in Draw for a Life, demonstrating the power of art as a medium for compassion.


Creating awareness about the environment and climate change is a collective responsibility. Naturally, at the forefront of Planted was environmental sustainability.

As part of this campaign, LuckyOne Mall, through various mediums, encouraged people to plant trees, record videos of their planting efforts, and share them on social media with the hashtag #Planted.

This initiative aimed to restore the tradition of tree planting and motivate people to contribute to environmental conservation. By promoting individual and collective action, LuckyOne Mall hopes to foster a greener, healthier environment.


To foster a love for reading and learning among children, LuckyOne Mall also organized storytelling sessions every Saturday during Ramadan. These sessions were open to the general public and special kids from organizations such as KDSP, Deaf Reach, Ida Rieu, and DEWA Academy.

Conducted by the talented Shehzad Qamar, these sessions provided an inclusive environment where every child felt valued and entertained, reinforcing the mall’s commitment to education, inclusion, and Changing Lives.

Ramadan Bazaar

To support female home-based entrepreneurs and change their lives for the better, LuckyOne Mall, in partnership with The Crafter’s Guild, organized a Ramadan Bazaar. The objective was to give a platform for women entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products.

This initiative empowered women by giving them the opportunity to reach a wider audience, thereby enhancing their economic independence. Ramadan Bazaar not only supported local businesses but also celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit of women in the community.

Visit to Old Age Homes

For LuckyOne, Changing Lives was not a mere marketing initiative; but rooted in their values, which is why it extends beyond its customers and potential target audience to its team. LuckyOne Mall’s staff visited old-age homes and spent quality time with the residents.

The mall’s cleaning staff helped with cleaning and the hairstylists assisted with grooming, while the residents were provided with new clothes, food, and Eid cards made during the Draw for a Life campaign.

This visit brought joy and comfort to the elderly residents, illustrating LuckyOne Mall’s dedication to caring for all members of the community.

The Culmination of the Campaign

The culmination of the Changing Lives campaign was marked by the 7th birthday celebration of LuckyOne Mall, an event that truly highlighted the mall’s community-centric values. For this special occasion, LuckyOne Mall extended a heartfelt invitation to all individuals who had participated in any or all the Changing Lives campaigns, along with other stakeholders.

Children from Dewa, Deaf Reach, KDSP, Ida Rieu, and Hussaini Yateem Khana were also invited to be a part of the festivities. This gathering was a testament to the mall’s appreciation and acknowledgement of the community’s efforts in making the campaign a success.

The event was not just about celebrating a milestone; it was about bringing together the very people who embody the spirit of the campaign. The day was filled with emotional and heartfelt moments as participants shared their experiences and stories of how they contributed to changing lives. The atmosphere was one of unity and joy, as the mall celebrated with those who had been instrumental in making a positive impact.

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