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Fault in Submarine Cable is Disrupting Internet in Pakistan Once Again

Internet services in certain areas of Pakistan are experiencing disruptions due to a fault in the global submarine cable SMW4, spokesperson for the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told ProPakistani.

The SMW4 cable is one of seven submarine cables that connect Pakistan to the global internet infrastructure. The PTA spokesperson said the fault in this cable may lead to slower internet speeds during peak usage hours.

PTA said efforts are underway by an international enterprise responsible for maintaining the cable. The company is trying to identify the exact location and nature of the fault and to carry out necessary repairs.

The spokesperson said PTA is actively monitoring the situation and working to ensure that internet broadband services are restored on priority.

In the meantime, users in affected areas might experience intermittent connectivity issues until the repairs are completed.

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  • Internet is acting strange for the past 4 days or they could be installing that firewall.

    • for the past week or so on ptcl everytime modem connects it gets ip from new subnet pings to europe are super high and downloading even from a cloudflare powered domain is super slow to just 3mbps and intermittently wg vpn protocol stops workings.hope it gets fixed soon.

  • pakistan is connected through multiple cables . one cable shouldn't cause so much disruption. this seems like testing firewall

  • But but but but but pakistan is no 1 IT investment attractive nation as per propakistani . U are telling me now we have internet shutdown lol

  • They couldn't even configure the firewall correctly. That is why the internet cable is breaking down so frequently. I fear freelancers and people doing online work will be severely affected, which could result in income loss. Pakistani elites are at it once again. We all will get very poor.

  • The recent cable breaks on TW SMW-5, SMW-4, and AAE1 have significantly impacted Pakistan's internet services, especially during peak hours. Here's a breakdown of the situation:

    Impact on Internet Services:

    - Reduced bandwidth: The cable breaks have resulted in reduced internet bandwidth, leading to slower internet speeds and increased latency.

    - Congestion and packet loss: The decreased bandwidth has caused congestion and packet loss, leading to a poor internet experience.

    Directions Affected:

    - East direction: SMW-5 and SMW-4 cable breaks have affected internet traffic from the east, including Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries.
    - West direction: AAE1 cable break has affected internet traffic from the west, including Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
    Another submarine cable cut PIE "AAE-1" (internet services in Pakistan would face further degradation now)

    All fibers are going to be faulty One by One..

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