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26 Million Out of School Pakistani Students to Get Education Through Google

Google for Education and Pakistan’s Ministry of Federal Education today announced a strategic collaboration to bring digital transformation to millions of students in the country.

The partnership will improve access to education and support the development of a digital ecosystem for learning – for Pakistan’s tens of millions of students.

Google, through its Google for Education’s country partner, Tech Valley, will work with the Pakistani government to:

  • Establish a local assembly of over 500,000 Chromebooks by 2026
  • Provide access to digital tools and resources for students and teachers
  • Train teachers on how to use technology effectively in the classroom
  • Develop and implement innovative learning programs that leverage technology

The collaboration will focus on helping out-of-school children in Pakistan. Last month, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif, declared an “education emergency” to address the issue of over 26 million children being out of school. He pledged to oversee a national program to enroll these children back into educational institutions and expressed his hope for the provincial governments’ support in achieving this goal.

As part of the collaboration, Allied, an Australian manufacturer of Google Chromebooks, will establish an assembly line in Pakistan to locally assemble Google Chromebooks, making them more affordable for educational purposes. The goal is to ensure that every student in the country has access to cutting-edge classroom technology, which will enhance their learning experience.

Ultimately, Google’s collaboration with the Ministry of Federal Education aims to drive a large-scale digital transformation of Pakistan’s education system, creating smart classrooms and fostering a healthy learning ecosystem. Both partners will work together to empower educators and students, focusing on upskilling, training, and building flexible smart classrooms.


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