3D projection is being used in London to bring food to life

3D Projection In London Bringing Food To Life

La Petite Chef in London has taken the dining experience to the next level by using technology to fascinate guests in a distinctive way. A 90-minute show created using 3D projection is offered to the guests which is titled Le Petit Chef – In the Footsteps of Marco Polo. The restaurant has been able to win the attention of many customers due to this captivating gesture. This technique was first launched in Dubai and the UAE. Owing to its huge success, it has made its way to London. The diners are taken on a Silk Road–inspired culinary tour which is both, engaging and mesmerizing for the customers. High-definition projectors are used in this method to present the culinary journey of a 3D chef on the table.

The 3D Projection Of The Journey Of La Petite Chef

3D projection

In the virtual journey presented on the table, the chef cooks a variety of different food items. These food items are then turned into real food. This is done by the precision of waiters who carefully keep on placing food plates and other decorations to fit the animated setting. The served food is a reflection of the creations of La Petit Chef who keeps on experimenting with new ingredients. For instance, an amuse-bouche in France is followed by traditional Arabian fare served with edible sand. The chef comes across all these new ingredients in his virtual journey. The Dinner Time Story enhances the experience of the customers due to the use of different sights and sounds.

Multisensory tricks have recently become a trend in the food industry. Using this 3D projection storytelling technique makes the dining experience totally hypnotic for the customers. By making the food part of an artistic expression, this technique is raising the bar quite high for restaurants all around the world. Innovation has always been supported in every industry. However, this use of technology comes with a promise of benefit and profits. This unique combination of technology, food, and storytelling is truly enthralling.  

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