Italian Restaurants In Karachi That Are Worth Trying!

5 Best Italian Restaurants In Karachi

Pasta, pizza, and lasagna have become the names of our emotions. The adoration that we have for Italian food is what keeps us always looking for good Italian restaurants. Given our obsession, it is not easy to trust restaurants when it comes to Italian food. Even the slightest flaws in the taste and texture of the food can ruin our day. If you are in search of the most amazing Italian restaurants in Karachi, you have landed on the right article. Brace yourselves for the best-carb-loaded pasta and the cheesiest pizzas that you’ve ever had because the list we compiled is no joke. Here are the 5 best Italian restaurants in Karachi that you should not deprive yourself of!

RestaurantLocationPhone NumberPrice
1. PompeiCantonment, Karachi021 352146841700/-
2. POMO Neapolitan PizzeriaPhase 6, DHA, Karachi021 351714561650/-
3. Del FrioSMCHS, Karachi021 111 454 6471500/-
4. La Mamma RestaurantCivil Lines, Karachi0308 22206671700/-
5. Bella VitaPECHS, Karachi021 111 435 2861500/-

1. Pompei

Italian restaurants

Pompei Italian restaurant is famous in Karachi for using the best local and imported ingredients to create the most mouthwatering food recipes. The restaurant has a main emphasis on classic Italian recipes and the well-trained chefs make sure that the food is right according to the expectations of the customers. If you are a fan of Italian food and you live in Karachi, we advise you to not miss out on this restaurant! Everything from the starters to desserts is drool-worthy.

Pompei Italian restaurant has lovely décor and a nice calming vibe. The service of the waiters is brilliant and so is the expertise of the chefs.

Timings: 12 30 – 4 pm, 7 30 – 11 pm
Location: Shapes Compound, 139 McNeil Rd, Karachi Cantonment, Karachi.
1. Pumpkin Ravioli In Blue Cheese Sauce; 1075/-
2. Margherita Pizza; 1050/-
3. Roasted Chicken & Tomato Pizza; 1150/-

2. POMO Neapolitan Pizzeria


The famous wood-fired oven pizzas offered by POMO are beyond hard to resist. These pizzas have the softest dough and are topped with the most luscious ingredients that will take your love for pizza to the next level. The different pizza flavors offered by the restaurant will definitely test your decision-making capability. In addition to that, the various types of pasta have super tempting names. There’s a huge chance of getting carried away by POMO’s menu even before you taste the food.

The restaurant has a beautiful setup and a good ambiance. The taste of food, presentation, and hygiene, everything is a 10 on 10. POMO can be your perfect weekend getaway. So what are you waiting for?

Timings: 8 am – 11 pm
Location: 44-C Lane 4, D.H.A Phase 6, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Karachi.
1. Spaghetti Marinara; 925/-
2. Chicken Parmigiana; 1250/-
3. Bianca Pizza; 1150/-

3. Del Frio

del frio Italian restaurants

Del Frio’s pasta is a foodie’s dream. The pasta is loaded with thick creamy sauce and topped with the crispiest chicken made using the right ingredients. It will fix your mood and your entire day in an instant. The best part about the Del Frio magic is that the food offered by this restaurant is super affordable. Whether you choose a panini, a burger, or lasagna from the menu, you will taste perfection at the most appropriate price.

The taste of the food and service at Del Frio is excellent. The place has a nice breezy vibe which will make any time of the day special for you.

Timings: 9 am – 1 am
Location: 103 A, Al Zaiby Arcade, Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, Block A, Karachi.
1. Beef Lasagna; 828/-
2. Buffalo Ranch Pizza; 756/-
3. Spicy Smoked Chicken Pizza; 945/-

4. La Mamma Restaurant

la mamma

La Mamma Restaurant located in Movenpick hotel Karachi has a traditional feel of old-world Italy. The vast menu of Italian dishes offered by this restaurant compliments the interior setting of the place. The restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional Italian food that the people of Karachi can’t get enough of. Despite numerous other Italian restaurant options in Karachi, the locals are simply head over heels for this one.

La Mamma has a warm and welcoming vibe. You can enjoy the best Italian dishes in the traditional Italian setting and add to your experience. The food that you’ll eat here is worth every penny spent.

Timings: 7 pm – 11 pm
Location: Shapes Health Club Compound Old Railway Club, 139 McNiel Road, Cantt, Civil Lines, Karachi.
1. Chicken Tikka Pizza; 1345/-
2. Margherita Pizza; 1095/-
3. Ravioli (Signature); 1175/-

5. Bella Vita

bella vita

This small yet trendy restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian, American, and Continental food. No matter what kind of food you want, this restaurant will serve you best. However, their Italian food is to die for! The meaty hot pizza and penne pasta with spicy shrimps are the two dishes that are the most popular among the locals. When it comes to Italian food, Bella Vita is totally worth your trust.

The restaurant has a cozy ambiance. The outstanding taste of the food and the cordial staff make this place worth visiting.

Timings: 8 am – 12 am
Location: 1A Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society Jinnah Housing Society PECHS, Karachi.
1. Pesto & Shitake Pizza; 790/-
2. Meaty Hot Pizza; 1011/-
3. Penne Pasta With Spicy Shrimps; 794/-

Try out these places for the best Italian food experience in Karachi. Do let us know if you have any other places in mind that are worth mentioning.

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