Best shawarma places in Karachi that are worth trying

5 Best Shawarma Places In Karachi

Are you done trying out below-average shawarmas from different places in Karachi? You have landed on just the perfect article. Shawarma is something that originated in the Middle East and now qualifies as the most popular comfort food for most Pakistanis. The passion for shawarma that this nation has requires some quality places where you can devour this Middle Eastern treat. Most shawarma places in Karachi claim to be the best, however, you can not trust everyone when it comes to your favorite food. We have compiled a list of places that are both affordable and trustable. Here is a list of 5 bet shawarma places in Karachi for you to try out!

RestaurantsLocationPhone NumberAverage Price
1. Pita – The Shawarma RevolutionGulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi021 38899889400/-
2. Paramount Fine FoodsPhase 6, DHA, Karachi0307 0009647600/-
3. RowtisserieKhayaban-e-Shamsheer, Karachi021 111 769 769545/-
4. Beirut Shawarma Station & Fast FoodNorth Karachi Twp, Karachi0332 8881373300/-
5. Monty’s ShawarmaCHS, Karachi0334 3775060200/-

1. Pita – The Shawarma Revolution

best shawarma places in Karachi

The owners of Pita – the Shawarma Revolution came into the market with a claim that there is no place in Karachi doing justice to shawarmas. Their core focus was to introduce people to the “authentic” shawarmas, and they have been successful to a great extent. The restaurant also offers a fusion of flavors in the shawarma because the authentic shawarmas might be “too authentic” for some people. In order to suit everyone’s taste, the amount of variety that this place offers is astonishing. This place is a go-to for the shawarma lovers in Karachi.

This restaurant does not only excel in shawarmas but also does justice to several other fast-food items. Their French fries are one of a kind and are always served fresh. The service is timely, and you can enjoy the best meals in a very calm atmosphere.

Timings: 12 pm – 1 am
Location: SB 7 Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Rd, Block 4 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

1. Original Beiruti Chicken Shawarma; 327/-
2. Spicy Gringo Chicken Shawarma; 365/-
3. Shawarma Rice Bowl; 490/-

2. Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods

Another trustable shawarma place in Karachi, Paramount Fine Foods knows how to win your heart when it comes to your favorite snack. Every bite of the shawarma you’ll eat here will take you to a new level of satisfaction. If you can’t take my word for it, I suggest you go and try it out as soon as possible. Not only is the filling of shawarma delicious, but the freshness and softness of the bread are mouth melting. Paramount Fine Foods is an affordable shawarma place in Karachi and there is no reason to hold yourself back from trying out this place.

The restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery. The ambiance of the restaurant is very inviting and welcoming. This atmosphere pairs perfectly with palatable food. If you live in Karachi, you must try out this place.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
Location: 3, Shop No. 5, Plot No 34-C Khayaban-e-Rahat, D.H.A Phase Karachi.

1. Tabliyeh Saj Wrap; 495/-
2. Tabliyeh Saj Beef Shawarma; 695/-
3. Tabliyeh Saj Chicken Shawarma; 645/-

3. Rowtisserie


This shawarma place is a little overpriced as compared to the other ones but is very appropriate if you want to treat yourself a little extra. The shawarmas are known for their unique garlicky flavor which gives them a very tempting aroma and an irresistible taste. The quality of these shawarma justifies the high price, and this is why you’ll find yourself going to this place often.

The ambiance at Rowtisserie is perfect for a nice evening meal. The staff there is very cordial and will make sure that you are served well. If you are looking for the right place to have a meal with your family, Rowtisserie is the perfect option for you.

Timings: 10 am – 12 am
Location: 8-C 14th Street, OFF Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Karachi.

1. Chicken Shawarma; 545/-
2. Beef Fajita Wrap; 920/-
3. Hummus With Pita; 385/-

4. Beirut Shawarma Station & Fast Food

Beirut Karachi

For the most divine combination of creamy sauce, delicious meat, and fresh shawarma bread, Beirut Shawarma Station and Fast Food is your perfect go-to. At the most reasonable price, you can get shawarmas which will make a mark on your taste buds. Once you try these shawarmas, there is no going back. This shawarma place strictly takes the hygiene and quality of food under consideration. This is why most Karachiites trust this place and are permanent customers for years.

Beirut Shawarma Station and Fast Food will give you a worthy dining experience. You can enjoy your favorite shawarmas at the restaurant, or you can take away your order. The best thing about shawarmas is that they are as delicious on the go as they are otherwise.

Timings: 11 am – 3 am
Location: Iqbal Plaza, Nagan Chowrangi Flyover, Sector 11-C/1, North Karachi Twp, Karachi.

1. Beirut Special Charcoal Shawarma; 176/-
2. Shawarma Platter; 460/-
3. Beef Shawarma; 240/-

5. Monty’s Shawarma

best shawarma places in Karachi

For the most irresistible variety of shawarma wraps and shawarma platters, Monty’s Shawarma in Karachi is a shawarma lover’s dream place. Not only will you find a range of different options, but the serving and taste of each item are unique and appetizing. If you’re someone who is not a fan of shawarma, this place is capable enough to change your opinion. This is certainly one of the best shawarma places in Karachi.

With a reasonable price and an up-to-the-mark service, Monty’s Shawarma is definitely a delight for the locals of Karachi. Whatever you choose from the menu, you will not be disappointed.

Timings: 2 pm – 5 30 am
Location: Shahrah-e-Faisal 192, Besides TRG HEAD OFFICE Building, Block B, Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi.

1. Shawarma With Fries; 160/-
2. Zinger Chicken Mix Shawarma; 160/-
3. Shawarma Platter; 400/-

This is our list of the 5 best shawarma places in Karachi that will never disappoint. If you are familiar with any other trustworthy shawarma spots in Karachi, make sure you let us know!

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