Best loaded fries in Lahore that you must try out!

5 Places To Get Over The Top Loaded Fries In Lahore

Given the fascination that we have for fries, we are always up to doing experiments with this divine food. No one knows the exact point when plain fries started to feel so “plain”, that the world was compelled to introduce some new flavors into fries. When thinking of flavor, the first ingredient that pops into our minds is cheese. Cheese can add royalty to ANY food and the same is the case when it comes to fries. Loaded fries have become a weakness for many hearts because of their rich taste and appetizing looks. Many places in Lahore serve delicious, loaded fries, however, it is important to identify the best ones. We have made this task easier for you. Here is the list of 5 places that serve the best loaded fries in Lahore.

RestaurantsLocationPhone NumberAverage Price
1. Super Grill BurgerAllama Iqbal Town, Lahore0300 7191012350/-
2. Al Wasaf Sweets & BakersPGECHS, Lahore042 35184489342/-
3. Burger LabGulberg 3, Lahore021 111 112 522345/-
4. Burger MartJohar Town, Lahore0330 4000626250/-
5. 7 Sky FoodiesTownship, Lahore0315 4632241220/-

1. Super Grill Burger

best loaded fries in Lahore

Super Grill Burger is a place that you can completely trust for the best loaded fries in Lahore. Not only do these fries taste out of the world, but the serving portions at Super Grill Burger are also quite fulfilling. The special Loaded Pizza Fries are straight out of your dreams. There is a perfect quantity of pizza sauce, cheese, vegetables, and chicken that makes these fries worth dying for. Super Grill Burger also offers some other delicious snacks which include burgers and sandwiches.

The taste of the food at Super Grill Burger is always extraordinary. Along with that, the cooperative staff and an up-to-the-mark service make this place worth visiting. If you live in Lahore, there is no reason to deprive yourself of these fries.

Timings: 4 pm – 3 am
Location: 674 Umer block, Al Qamar plaza, Kareem Park, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

2. Al Wasaf Sweets & Bakers

Al Wasaf

To the sheer delight of the locals, Al Wasaf Sweets & Bakers takes loaded fries way too seriously. This bakery is known in Lahore for offering everything, from sweets to pastries as well as other bakery and fast food items. Al Wasaf Sweets and Bakers serve hygienic food at the most reasonable price. Their loaded fries are a mouthwatering combination of potatoes, cheese, and different sauces that will instantly captivate your taste buds. These fries do not only taste amazing but are also served fresh. This is the reason why Al Wasaf Sweets and Bakers is among the top recommendations when it comes to loaded fries in the city of foodies.

This place offers home delivery, as well as takeaway and dine-in. The place has a very welcoming vibe and the staff will make sure to serve you right. In addition to their pizza-loaded fries, you can also have several other sweet and savory snacks.

Timings: 7 am – 12 am
Location: PGEHS Phase 1, B-2-main Boulevard, Sutlej Ave, College Road, Near Ghazi Chowk, Block B 2 PGECHS, Lahore.

3. Burger Lab

best loaded fries in Lahore

Burger Lab stands out in everything that it serves. If you want good quality loaded fries, you can go to Burger lab, without a second thought. Famous for its wide range of flavorful burgers, Burger Lab can take your breath away with its Animal Fries. It’s hard to stop yourself from eating loads and loads of these fries. At every bite, the fries only taste yummier than before. If you’re going to Burger Lab for Animal Fries, I suggest you keep a calorie count.

Burger Lab is a chic place with a plain but modern interior. The large seating area will ensure comfort along with taste and quality. Once you try this place out, there will be no going back.

Timings: 12 pm – 12 am
Location: KD plaza 100, Shop 1 burger lab, MM Alam Rd, Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore.

4. Burger Mart

burger mart

For luscious, cheesy loaded fries, Burger Mart can be a permanent go-to for you. The best thing about this place is its affordability. Not only the pizza fries but also the other food items are professionally prepared but will not cost you much. The place is exceptionally famous for its pot burger and pot pasta. However, when it comes to fries, Burger Mart makes sure that it does justice to them.

In a calm and relaxed ambiance, you can enjoy your weekend meals at Burger Mart. Visiting this place during rush hours might not be a very good idea. However, the taste of food is worth all the trouble.

Timings: 1 pm – 1 am
Location: 256-A Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Next to Standard Chartered Bank, Block R 2 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

5. 7 Sky Foodies

7 sky foodies

Last but not least is 7 Sky Foodies in Lahore which “knows the secret” when it’s about loaded fries. The perfectly fried potato chips are topped with sauces, spices, vegetables, and loads of cheese. The cheese strings in the fries will mark a perfect end to your day. The price is also quite economical so you can eat as much as you want.

Although 7 Sky Foodies offers an efficient seating area, the takeaway will be a better option for you if you avoid crowds. The food is always freshly prepared, and the staff is very efficient. 7 Sky Foodies is definitely a must-visit.

Timings: 6 pm – 1 am
Location: 167 College Road, Township Block 15 Sector B 1 Lahore.

This is the list of 5 places that offer the most amazing loaded fries. If you live in Lahore and have tried any of these places, let us know in the comments!

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