ACF Calls on Restaurants To Follow Example Set By Karachi's Okra And Be Kind To Stray Dogs

ACF Calls on Restaurants To Follow Example Set By Karachi’s Okra And Be Kind To Stray Dogs

Recently a video of a worker at Karachi restaurant Okra goes viral for taking care of stray dogs. The worker, Roma Qinto, has been taking care of the stray dogs by feeding them leftover food and bones. The viral video shows the worker carrying one puppy while many other dogs surround her. The wagging tails are a testament to the great care that they had received.

The ACF Animal rescue praised this act of kindness by Roma Qinto through an Instagram Post. They posted that Roma Qinto asked them to vaccinate and neuter the dogs that she had been taking care of. Touched by her act of goodness, the ACF called on other restaurants to follow Okra’s example. “Now imagine if all restaurants followed Okra’s example and fed scraps, leftovers, bones, not fit for human consumption, to the animals in their area. It would cost them nothing. Imagine how many lives they would save. And ACF would go by to vaccinate, neuter, and collar all the dogs.” said the ACF.

ACF Animal Rescue

okra stray dogs

ACF is a non-profit organization rescuing and rehabilitating abused and injured street animals. It is the first and largest animal rescue organization in Pakistan. This post by ACF is to raise awareness for these voiceless animals. Each year hundreds of dogs are killed as they are labeled “aggressive” or simply because people don’t like to see dogs on the streets. This video raises awareness on how simple, small gestures can save the lives of animals on the streets.

People’s Reaction

The Karachi restaurant, Okra, received much praise and respect from people on Social Media for their treatment of stray dogs. Actor Yashma Gill showed her love and support by sharing the post on her Instagram story: “So much respect for Okra.”

“Hats off to Okra and other kind restaurants and People,” said one user while another one commented: “No matter what people say about dogs in general, it’s a life on earth that we MUST protect and care! Please start showing “protect and care” side if it is still there.”

The animal rescue foundation continued to say that they’re “bored” of brands and organizations constantly just trying to make money by pushing status, power, luxuries as something cool. “Do you know what’s actually cool and eye-catching from a marketing perspective? Kindness.”

“Kindness”, the organization said, “goes viral and has a ripple effect. It will actually set your brand apart. Without even trying or knowing it, we bet Okra has won all your hearts! They’ve won ours for sure!”

This gesture of kindness by the Okra worker is a true act of kindness directed towards the voiceless and helpless dogs. If more people are to follow the example of empathy and compassion, we will have a much more civilized and kinder society.

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