Advanced cooking tools that you can add to your kitchenware

Advanced Cooking Tools That Make Your Life Easier

We all turn into extravagant buyers when it comes to stocking up on kitchen tools. After covering the basic kitchen tool list, everyone tends to go for advanced cooking tools. There is always room for equipment that can make your life easier and more fun. Advanced cooking tools are total GAME CHANGERS for home cooks and once you shift to these tools, there is no going back. There is something about these cool gadgets that makes you instantly happy and it is hard to not smile when you look at them. Here is an assorted list of some of the best cooking tools that will not only be fun to use but will also help you to make the most delicious foods.

advanced cooking tools

1. Egg yolk separator

Many food recipes include only egg yolks instead of whole eggs and that’s the very reason we refrain from cooking those foods. All of us have struggled to separate the yolk from the eggs using different ways and have mostly failed. It honestly seems like the hardest part while cooking. This egg yolk separator will make your life easier due to its amazing shape. This goldfish-shaped tool is not only convenient but also super cute to use. Get your hands on this egg yolk separator and become a pro at separating yolks from whites.

cooking tools

2. Meat tenderizer tool

Steak dinners and beef burgers can become extremely easy to prepare with advanced cooking tools. This meat tenderizer tool will not only remove the hardness from meat but will also make it a hundred times more delicious. The traditional tools used for this purpose are a mallet or hammer. As compared to a mallet or hammer, this meat tenderizer tool will take lesser time and give you better results. This tool is a must-have if you cook beef often. While using the meat tenderizer, make sure to put the meat in a plastic wrap so that the moisture is not lost.

advanced tools

3. Digital kitchen food scale, best of the advanced cooking tools

Have you always been confused because most recipes use grams as units of ingredients and not cups or spoons? This advanced cooking tool is the answer to your prayers. This food scale comes with a flat surface and a digital system that will help you to maintain accuracy while cooking. It will not only help you with new recipes but will also ensure the exact replication of your previous recipes. This scale is battery-operated so you don’t even need to set it up near an electric switchboard. It’s easy to clean and has fairly efficient qualities.

advanced tools

4. Brushed aluminum olive oil sprayer

While counting calories, one problem that we constantly face is adding the right amount of oil to the pan. Whether it’s an omelet or stir-fried vegetables, we always have to be extra cautious to not add too much oil. This brushed aluminum olive oil sprayer is an end to your struggle. This advanced cooking tool will help you to grease your pan with just the right amount of oil. It’s not only favorable for decreasing the oil quantity but will also save you some clean-up time.

olive oil

5. Garlic press set

As amazing as it tastes, garlic can sometimes be annoying because of the odor it leaves behind on hands and other kitchen tools. Mincing garlic can be a real challenge. This garlic press set is designed to help you crush tons of garlic without any hassle. You can now add freshly minced garlic to all your recipes and that too, with the least difficulty. If you are a fan of garlic, this tool is definitely going to become your all-time favorite.

garlic press

6. Pancake batter dispenser bottle

We all have struggled with making the perfect shaped pancakes. While pouring the pancake batter into the pan, we often add too much or too little, destroying the shape and texture of our pancakes. This pancake batter dispenser bottle will help you to make pancakes like an expert. All you have to do is add your pancake batter into this bottle and cover it with the lid. While making pancakes, you can easily pour the required quantity and make round, fluffy pancakes. This advanced cooking tool is not only amazing for making pancakes but also for storing the pancake batter.


All these kitchen tools are easily available all around the world. The best part is, they are not even crazy expensive to buy. You can just save a few bucks every month and get your hands on these life-changing gizmos. By constantly upgrading your kitchen tools, you can make cooking more exciting for yourself.

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