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Cooking Range Price in Pakistan

Gas Stoves and ranges have been a widespread cooking choice for several years now. One of the reasons why people prefer them is because culinary flexibility can be allowed when there is an open flame.

It allows you to collect juices on the corner, tilt the pan according to your liking, and use high heat for achieving the perfect texture and taste, all thanks to the flame. While electric or induction stoves need a wall outlet, a proper gas line is required to operate a cooking range.

So let’s assume you do have a gas line available at home or you have already planned to get it installed, you still can’t avoid a bunch of questions. What brand is best suited for your cooking needs? What are some of the important features that you need to look at while selecting a cook ranging? How many BTUs would you need? What on earth is even a BTU?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered. In this article, we will answer all queries while walking you through the process of selecting the best cooking stoves of 2021.


1. Samsung (Model: NX58R5601SS)

I think that no other model beats Samsung in terms of product quality and features. This model of cooking range i.e., NX58R5601SS has one of the best features including a removable griddle, 5 different burners including a burner for oversized pans and pots (Oval burner). It looks sleek adding a minimalistic aesthetic to the kitchen. It retails at around PKR 140,000.

2. Samsung (Model: NX60T8711SS)

Again, I repeat. No other brand beats Samsung in terms of features and quality. Although this model i.e., NX60T8711SS is a bit expensive than the variant mentioned above, this means more luxurious features and a better cooking experience. The best part about this gas stove is that it comes with an inbuilt air-fryer, Wi-Fi, and a friendly touch experience.

Do you think this can’t get any better? What if I tell you that it comes with a self-cleaning feature? Yes. It does. It really does. Sounds like a dream come true to me honestly. Well, anyway, it retails at around PKR 300,000.

3. Whirlpool (Model: WFG320M0B)

If you need to invest in a less fancy stove, I’d recommend that you invest in Whirlpool because it has amazing features at a lower price as compared to Samsung’s models. It retails at around PKR 80,000 and has one of the best cooktops available in the market. The burner is stronger than most brands and comes with continuous grates of cast iron.

It has all the features of a fancy cooking range but lacks the minimalistic aesthetic making it look unattractive. It also lacks a self-cleaning feature, and convention. Most people rate it as one of the best affordable cooking stoves in Pakistan.

Although any cooking range will do the job, if you have to pick out the best one in the market, it has to be one of the three mentioned in this article. While choosing one that best suits your needs, it’s recommended that you do your research and take your time.

Don’t miss out on some aspects such as cooktops, ovens, design and build quality, customer service and reliability, and temperature probes, etc. Happy Shopping!

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