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Electric Beater Price in Pakistan

If you are fond of collecting all types of kitchen appliances, I am sure you own an electric hand mixer as well as a stand mixer. Whether you want to beat your eggs perfectly or you want to knead your dough evenly, electric beaters aid the whole process of aerating and whipping.

They take very little space on your countertop and of course, cost very little too. While there is a variety of options to choose from, from extremely basic to extremely high-tech, this article aims at making the task easier for you. A bunch of electric beaters were tested and reviewed and that’s how some of the best made it to the list.

Black & Decker Stand Mixer (Model: M700) Rs. 7,560

While this one was slightly expensive as compared to the other models that were tested, it worked perfectly making it on top of the list. With its minimalistic design, it looks very sleek in the kitchen and functions very well.

Its power output is a bit lower as compared to other models in the market but its 5-level-speed control allows you to ensure efficient and powerful output. It also has a 3.5 L geared rotating bowl for consistent mixing.

Philips Daily Collection Hand Mixer (Model: HR3705/10) Rs. 5,115

The second on our list is the Philips Daily Collection hand mixer which is easy on the pocket and extremely lightweight. With 5 different speed options to choose from, you can now beat your eggs the way you like them. It comes with an eject button that releases rods at a single touch.

The best thing about its conical rods is that it beats 20% faster than the usual ones that allow the greater surface to be covered in lesser time. It also allows air to get inside the mixture to give it a fluffy and soft texture.

Kenwood Hand Mixer (Model: HM620) Rs. 6,324

Kenwood makes one of the most powerful and durable hand mixers with the most stylish designs. Are you tired of whisking? Are you tired because no matter what you do, your cake doesn’t come out perfectly? Kenwood HM620 has a perfect blend of functionality and style that will make mixing, kneading, and whisking easy for you.

It is one of the most comfortable hand mixers, easy to use, and delivers amazing results every single time. With 5-speed settings, an additional pulse function, and a full set of stainless steel beaters and kneaders, no other beater comes close to this.

Braun MultiMix 3 Hand Mixer (Model: HM-3135WH) Rs. 12,699

With multiple speed options to choose from, Braun MultiMix 3 is a great electric beater. With its 500w motor, 5-speed setting options, and an added turbo option, it one of the best in the market. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to grip.

Beating, whisking, and mixing have never felt easier. One of the most amazing aspects of this hand mixer is that it sits in an upright position keeping your counter clean from all the mess. It doesn’t take a lot of space and is thus easy to store.

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