Best Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan 2021

Best Electric Kettle Price in Pakistan 2021

Pakistanis, without any doubt, consume the most chaii in the world. When you have to make chaii 3-4 times a day, the whole process starts getting to your head. That’s when an electric kettle comes in handy and makes the entire process super easy and less time taking.

Using a pateela for making chaii doesn’t only take a lot of time, it also exposes you to the risk of getting burned. With an electric kettle, you can boil water for a cup of chaii anytime you want without having to wait long for the water to boil. Electric kettles have been a widespread choice for years now. This article will help you find the best electric kettle for you.

Braun PurEase Electric Kettle (Model: WK-3100) Rs. 5,865

Braun PurEase gives you all the control to make a perfect cup of coffee or tea. With less than 50 seconds of boiling time, having a cup of tea in less than a minute is like a dream come true.

The filling system is very convenient and allows you to boil water for several people. It also comes with a water level indicator. The best thing about this electric kettle is that it retains the boiling temperature of water for 15 minutes before it starts cooling down.

Black & Decker Dome Kettle 1.7 Ltr Silver (Model: DK40) Rs. 7,500

It is one of the coolest electric kettles I have come across. The design is very sleek and looks like a dome. It comes with one year of official warranty. The water level window is translucent that makes viewing more convenient and easy.

This kettle doesn’t break the bank and does the job well. I have to warn you, this model doesn’t come with a beep alert so you will have to keep a close eye while boiling your water. The system automatically shuts down once the water is boiled.

WestPoint Cordless Electric Kettle 1.7Ltr (Model: WF-8270) Rs. 2,750

With 2 years of official warranty, WestPoint cordless electric kettle comes with a 1.7-liter capacity and has a lightweight plastic body. It is very easy and convenient to use. It is one of the most budget-friendly electric kettles available in Pakistan.

The quality of the kettle is great and does the job perfectly. It comes with a detachable cord that makes pouring easy. It comes with a locking lid and a translucent viewing window.

Sencor Electric Kettle 1.7Ltr (Model: SWK1777CH) Rs. 7,200

Getting the right electric kettle is very important whether you are a chaii enthusiast or a coffee nerd. Unlike the ones mentioned above, Sencor comes with removable dirt and scale filter that makes cleaning very easy. It comes with a safety feature that protects the kettle from overheating when turned on without water in the kettle.

It also comes with premium quality stainless steel. When the boiling point is reached, it shuts off automatically saving you from the hassle of worrying about turning it off. It comes with 1 year of official warranty.


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