Innovative Or Gross? This Gulab Jamun Pizza Is Every Foodie's Nightmare

Innovative Or Gross? This Gulab Jamun Pizza Is Every Foodie’s Nightmare

Gulab Jamun and pizza are the two most popular food items in Pakistan. Both are delicious in their own way. However, there is someone out there who decided to put these two delicious food items together. While the world argues whether pineapples on pizza are good or not, desi people are making gulab jamun pizza.

The picture of a pizza with gulab jamuns as the topping is going viral on Twitter and so far people have nothing nice to say about it. The pizza is not a regular Italian pizza but just a sweet bread that is topped with lots of gulab jamuns to make it look like a real pizza. Even if it’s just gulab jamuns on regular sweet bread, the food combination is still weird enough for everyone to feel disgusted.

The bizarre picture was shared on Twitter with a caption, “Gulab Jamun Pizza, a perfect blend of sweet+spicy. 9/10”.

Gulab Jamun Pizza

The picture shows a pizza with gulab jamuns placed on top of a sweet bread sprinkled with some dry fruits. So far, people have only expressed their disgust by commenting things like “No. Wait. Why.” or “Okay you need to stop disturbing me”.

Gulab Jamun Pizza- A Nightmare

Back in 2019, Gulab Jamun on Pizza made its rounds on social media, and even back then people blatantly expressed their disgust for this food combination. The picture of this bizarre food pairing posted on Twitter garnered hate comments from social media users. One user had written, “Even my sweeter than sweet teeth cannot convince me to try this”. Another wrote, “The world better end soon if this is happening”. Yet another commented, “This crime against humanity needs to be tried under the Geneva convention.”

Even today, the viral picture of gulab jamuns on pizza is making people cringe. However, there are people out there who think that this is normal. But no matter how much one loves pizza and gulab jamun, the two items just don’t go well together. As of recent, several weird food combinations have been trending on the internet. And Gulab jamuns on pizza is yet another such bizarre food combination that has left foodies feeling appalled.

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