KFC Opens A New Branch In D.H.A Lahore And It's Beautiful

KFC Opens A New Branch In D.H.A Lahore And It’s Beautiful

Fast-food joints are palaces of guilty pleasure although their buildings are anything but palatial. In the past, the architecture of fast-food restaurants was simple and plain. However, this trend of simplicity is changing. Now you can find several fast-food restaurants with spectacular designs. Talking of fast-food restaurants with deluxe designs, KFC opened a new grandeur branch in Lahore.

The U.S.-based fast-food chain, KFC, is famous for its exceptionally good fast food. It is, no doubt, Pakistan’s favorite fried chicken eatery. The first-ever branch of this global food chain was opened in Pakistan in 1997. Today, there are over 90 KFC outlets all across the country while serving approximately 2 million customers every month. KFC owns much of its popularity to the famous ‘finger-licking good’ chicken, besides other signature menu items.

New Splendid Branch In Lahore

new kfc branch lahore

KFC opened a new branch located in D.H.A Phase 6, Lahore. This KFC outlet is located in the commercial market, opposite Alfateh. The building of the restaurant is splendid and spacious. The interior is aesthetically pleasing with very elegant styling. Moreover, the colorful graphics on the walls are eye-catching and alluring. In other words, the restaurant is carefully crafted to attract customers to enjoy their favorite fried chicken in lavish surroundings. Although the KFC food is rich, the surroundings of this new branch are even richer. Moving on, the restaurant offers a dine-in, takeaway, and drive-through. In addition to all this, the staff is professional and friendly.

Even though, fast foods are looked down on for having calorie-dense foods and being problematic. However, being cheap and feasible makes it a convenient option. And to facilitate both affordability and speed, fast-food restaurants are plain. While there may be irony in fast food restaurants being beautiful, they still exist. So enjoy the finger-licking good chicken of the elegant fast food restaurant while you can.

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