Chocolate Mousse Recipe | How to Make Chocolate Mousse at Home

Chocolate Mousse Recipe | How to Make Chocolate Mousse at Home

Who would resist if chocolate mousse is being served, and that too, absolutely delicious and tempting? Can you imagine the level of richness unparalleled? Each bite that you take melts in your mouth. I don’t think any other dessert comes close to chocolate mousse. It’s simply unmatched.

Honestly, if chocolate mousse could qualify healthy for meals, I’d be living on that. It is everybody’s favorite and there is no way you can convince me otherwise.

Whipped cream and some dark chocolate on the top adds the perfect finishing to this already perfect dessert. Not only does it complement the flavor well, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to the overall look and looks extremely tempting.

Disclaimer: This recipe isn’t diet-friendly and is extremely high on calories. But you can have it on your cheat days. Or on days where you need to cheer up. Because chocolate mousse does know its way around sad days.

Star-Ingredients for Chocolate Mousse

Heavy Cream

Cream is the most important ingredient for any type of mousse. It makes mousse fluffy, light and gives it the smooth texture you are willing to achieve. Make sure you are using heavy cream. Do not pick a cream that is low on fat. This is definitely not the time to go low-fat.


Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is to use cooking chocolate and not any other type of chocolate. Any chocolate baking bar will do the job well. Cooking chocolate melts away easily and makes the process easier. Any other type of chocolate ruins the density of dessert.

Vanilla extract

This ingredient is optional. If you want to add a flavor that complements chocolate well, it should definitely be vanilla extract.

How to store Mousse

It’s recommended that you store mousse in your refrigerator. It’s best to leave it overnight before serving. It helps soften the consistency and richens the flavor of the chocolate.

How long can you store it?

You can store it for about a week before the taste goes bad. I have to warn you, it might lose its volume in less than 3 days because the air is whipped into the cream and it cannot be contained for days.

Some tips and tricks

  • Use good quality chocolate and be generous with the amount of chocolate you put in. Your dessert will taste as good as what you put into the dessert.
  • If you are into baking/cooking, you have probably realized that it’s best to whip cream when it’s extremely cold. Not only should you use chilled cream, but it should be whipped in a chilled bowl with chilled beaters. You can chill your beater and bowl by placing them inside the freezer before you start the process.


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