Sundae Recipe | How to Make Ice-cream Sundae at Home

Sundae Recipe | How to Make Sundae at Home

Ice-cream sundaes are without any doubt, crowd-pleasers. It’s one of the most classic desserts that everyone enjoys regardless of their age. This is because magic happens when the rich, satiny sauce meets the cold, creamy ice cream.

Sundaes can either be extremely simple or extravagant. On one hand, there’s this classic combination of hot fudge sauce with creamy vanilla ice cream whereas, on the other hand, you can make your own sundaes with elaborate toppings, layers, and syrups. Come on, it’s ice cream. You can always get fun and creative with ideas. You can get a bit fruity by adding fresh fruit sauces or you can get a bit crunchy by adding nuts.

Ice cream sundaes aren’t hard to put together. All you need is a bucket of your favorite ice cream, some amazing toppings, and syrup that complements your ice cream flavor.

The real story behind your Sundae:

Sundae wouldn’t have existed if a random ice cream parlor in Wisconsin didn’t run out of ice cream soda back in 1881. A small town in Wisconsin ran out of ice cream soda and experimented with 3 ice cream scoops, a bit of syrup, sauce, and the very famous, maraschino cherry. The dessert became widely famous instantly and was named Sundae. It was spelled Sundae with an “E” on purpose for people to distinguish the dish and not mistake it as a day for observing the Sabbath.

Cool tricks and tips for Sundae:

  • Don’t worry about the ice cream you are using. It’s ice cream. It will be great anyway. Anything either store-bough or homemade works fine.
  • Before making your ice-cream sundae, let your ice cream sit for around 15 minutes so it’s easier to mix everything together.
  • Get wild with your imagination. Then follow what you imagine. You feel crunch and whipped cream will go well? Go with it. You feel like fruits and sauce will go together better? Well, what are you waiting for? Go and try it out.
  • You can always include fresh fruits in your sundae. Though it will start tasting more like a trifle, but guys, it can be your Sundae trifle.
  • Get creative with crunch. You can add different types of nuts and biscuits. Or, you can use the crumbles from your leftover cookies, brownies, or cakes.

Classic Banoffee Pie Sundae:

What’s better than all the Banoffee pie ingredients in a classic sundae style? Believe me, nothing.

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