Regular pans vs. non-stick pans. Know which kitchenware is best for you

Regular Pans vs. Non-stick Pans

When cooking in the kitchen, it is very important that we use the best tools for the job. Using the right pots and pans will not only make our work easier. It will also allow us to create the required optimal texture and ensure maximum flavors. Regular pans and non-stick pans are the two main kitchenware types. Each material is considered to be appropriate for different types of foods. Most kitchenware that we buy comes in the form of sets of pots and pans whether it’s regular or non-stick. These sets include small size, medium size, and large size. It is necessary to buy the right kitchenware because it is not something that we stock every day.

regular pans vs. non-stick pans

Get to know your kitchen tools

There is not a specific type of pan that we can consider to be the best and free of all drawbacks. Different materials of kitchen tools are suitable for different types of functions and are able to tolerate different heat intensities. It is important to know the physical and chemical characteristics of the material that our pans are made of. This will help us to easily make the right choice and achieve perfection in whatever we are cooking. Confused due to all this “science talk”? let me just make it easier for you.

Non-stick pans

non-stick pans

Non-stick pans are probably the most common pans for beginner cooks. These pans are fairly affordable and due to their non-stick surface, they are super easy to clean. Definitely the best choice for those of us who are always on the go. To increase the durability of our non-stick pans, we should make sure that we are taking proper care of the non-stick surfaces. That means we should always be using silicone or wooden tools while cooking in non-stick pans. By doing this, the non-stick surface will not be scratched and will be, therefore, less prone to damage. Non-stick pans are perfect for cooking delicate dishes like eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, and lighter fish. If we are looking for an easy clean-up and are not cooking dishes that require high heat, non-stick pans are definitely the right choice for us.

Proteins like steaks, chicken thighs, burgers, etc. shall not be cooked in non-stick pans. These items require high temperatures, and these high temperatures can damage the surface of your non-stick pans. Upon exposure to high temperatures, the non-stick coating of your pan begins to melt. This melting process generates chemical fumes that are dangerous for human health and can cause serious issues. Another big drawback of using non-stick pans is that they are usually not dishwasher safe.

Regular pans


Cast iron pans and stainless-steel pans are the most commonly used regular pans. Everybody must own these regular pans because they are exceptionally versatile and can be used to cook and bake different types of foods. Cast iron pans are a perfect choice for our kitchens. If properly taken care of, the cast iron pans can last for decades. These types of pans are perfect for cooking steaks and all kinds of meat as they are able to tolerate high heat without damage. We can cook nearly everything with a cast iron pan, and they are a worthwhile addition to any kitchen if we are willing to do the cleanup.

Stainless steel pans are another very important category of regular pans. These pans are completely safe to be used on the stovetop as well as in the oven. Stainless steel pans can be used for meat, fish, vegetables, and even eggs. To prevent our food from sticking on the base of stainless-steel pans we should make sure to preheat the pan and use the appropriate amount of oil for cooking.

Coming towards the drawbacks of the regular pans, these pans, especially cast-iron pans can be difficult to manage as they are considerably heavy. Stainless steel pans, on the other hand, come with the disadvantage of poor heat retention. Due to this, your food gets cold easily when the heat is turned off. Moreover, the cleaning of regular pans is far more difficult as compared to non-stick pans.

Here’s what you can do

pots and pans

By knowing the amount of heat that is required to prepare the meals we’re cooking, we can easily choose which type of pans we should use for a specific purpose. So, if we’re having eggs for our breakfast, we can either use a non-stick pan or a regular pan. Make sure to use the right amount of oil while using a regular pan. For our steak dinner, we must go for a regular pan as a non-stick pan will not be able to withstand the heat that is required for preparing steaks.

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