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Top 5 Budget Deep Freezers in Pakistan

When the coronavirus pandemic started back in March of 2020, anxious shoppers started stocking up on vegetables and meat, only to realize that their storage is full. What could have been the next logical thought? We need a bigger deep freezer. Better yet, We need a steadfast deep freezer. And then what? Everyone started buying deep freezers.

To help you get through this pandemic, we have listed 5 budget-friendly deep freezers with the expert advice of shop owners, preppers, butchers, etc.

1. Haier HDF-345 Chest Deep Freezer – Rs. 42,000

This model comes with 346 liters capacity and has an official warranty of 1 year. It is very convenient to use and comes with a basket that helps you organize food the way you want. The best part about a chest freezer is that cool air doesn’t come spilling out.

The door prevents cool air from leaving the freezer in case of any electrical problem. The compressor does not have to get turned on frequently because the freezer maintains cool air as long as it can (3-4 hours minimum).

2. Waves 2110/310 Deep Freezer – Rs. 37,999

If you don’t have a big family and just want to meet your basic demands, Waves 2110/210 deep freezer is the perfect choice for you. It is relatively light on the pocket and does the job very well. When it comes to features, it runs on 220v and 50 Hz, weighs around 65Kg, and has a capacity of 250 liters.

It comes with the dimensions of 975 X 765 X 880 Mm (Hxwxd). Storage allows you to preserve a lot of food but please, don’t get lost in the depth of this freezer. For people who have back problems, it’s recommended that you use a front-door freezer and not a chest freezer.

3. Dawlance VF-1035 WB Vertical – Rs. 41,000

Dawlance is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to electronics and home appliances. Dawlance VF-1035 WB is one of the most budget-friendly deep freezers available in the market. Its compact and trendy design takes very less space (33% space only as compared to regular chest deep freezers).

It comes with 2 solid base drawers that help organize everything in a better way. It comes with longer cooling retention because of thick insulation. It comes in a very pretty checkered grey color that goes with everything.

4. Kenwood KDF-222V Deep Freezer – Rs. 39,500

Although this variant is a bit old as compared to the models mentioned above yet Kenwood has always been successful in satisfying its customers. This variant comes with a very cool High-temperature warning light and has a mode that helps you keep the cool air for a longer time without the compressor working. It comes with a reversible door and takes up only 25% of floor space as compared to other models.

5. Changhong Ruba CHR-VF220 Vertical Deep Freezer – Rs. 38,900

The last deep freezer that makes it to the list is Changhong Ruba CHR-VF220 deep freezer that comes with a vertical door. Although vertical door deep freezers don’t store as much food as other deep freezers, they are more convenient to use and take up less space.

It’s easy to adjust the temperature because it comes with manual control. It does not consume a lot of electricity and is thus, light on the pocket. It has very few moving parts. This means that it has lesser parts that have the chance to break. All its shelves are adjustable and thus help you organize things the way you want. The design is sleek and minimalistic.


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