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Top 5 Budget Microwaves in Pakistan

One of the most convenient kitchen appliances includes a microwave. Electricity is converted into electromagnetic waves that are known as microwaves and hence the name, microwave. All the activity i.e., movement of food molecules so that food is heated up properly takes place inside the microwave so placement of the microwave has never been an issue.

Investing in a good microwave makes your life easier and simpler. You don’t have to wait for hours to defrost your food now and can now preserve nutrients. This article aims to help you find a microwave that does the job and doesn’t break your pocket.

1. Haier HMN-MM720 20 Liter Elegant Series Microwave Oven – Rs. 11,999


If you don’t have a huge family, this microwave is the right pick for you. All of the features available in this model are pretty hard to find in other microwaves on the same budget. It comes with a one-year official warranty but if you want to purchase without a warranty, that option is also available.

Important information includes: Frequency 50-60 Hz, Voltage 220240v, Power 700W, comes with 5 power levels, 35′ Cooking Time, mechanical control, and cooking end signal. Length x Width x Height in mm= 306x304x206.

2. Homage HMSO-2010S Microwave Oven – Rs. 11,699

Homage is one of the most reliable brands in Pakistan. Not only does it manufacture great microwaves but also ensures that you have a trustworthy customer experience. In terms of performance and durability, it is second to none. It comes with a glass handle that is easy to open.

Some information features include Power 700W, 5 micropower levels, 20 liters, grey cavity, and defrost setting. It comes with 1 year of official warranty. If white looks too boring for your kitchen setting, go with the silver one. It looks elegant and does the job.

3. PEL Silver Microwave Oven PMO30SL Rs. 12,500

PEL PM030SL is one of the best out there. It comes with 2 years of official warranty and does the job way better than any other ordinary microwave. Rated voltage is 230V, rated input power is 1400W, the output is 900W, rated Input Power (Grill) is 1100W, and microwave frequency is 50Hz. It comes in only one color i.e., silver. Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 300mm (H) X 539(W) X 404mm (D).

4. Samsung ME-732K Rs. 11,500

Samsung ME-732K comes with an LED display. It fits perfectly in any kitchen and does the job flawlessly. Sometimes getting a good microwave that is reliable, does the job well, and yet does not break your pocket is hard. Remember, microwaves are just clones at the end.

They might look and behave slightly differently but they only have one main job. Some important information includes Capacity: 20L, Output power is 800W, Power consumption is 1150W, Frequency is 50 Hz, and the power source is 230V. Instead of a handle, it comes with a button. The maximum cooking time is 100 minutes.

5. Orient 30AKQG Rs. 11,000

If you are tired of your kid opening and closing the door of your microwave all day long, you should shift to Orient 30AKQG because, well, it comes with a child lock. The capacity of this microwave is 23L, power output is 800W, doesn’t come with a grill, and is available in only one color. To facilitate your cooking experience, it comes in different levels ranging from 5 to 11.

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