5 Best Ladies Undergarment Brands In Pakistan

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In Pakistan, many brands are available that sell ladies’ undergarments in physical stores and online. Some of these are well known not just in Pakistan but also worldwide. They offer all kinds of female undergarments, including panties, bras, nightwear, and all other lingerie.

Undergarments for ladies online shopping is easy compared to going to stores and interacting with people by themselves. Although Pakistan has evolved recently, the conservative mindset is still there, which may cause awkwardness for some ladies. Therefore, many new online brands have emerged, and old brands with a significant customer base have built their presence on the internet.

Now, you are also able to buy fancy undergarments for ladies online without any difficulty. If you are looking for branded undergarments for ladies, then you have come to the right place. This article provides you with the 5 Best Ladies Undergarment brands in Pakistan.

1. Lenceria

Lenceria Brand

Lenceria is the first brand that comes into mind when discussing under garments for ladies. It has an online store, where you can find everything related to ladies undergarments. You may not see it affordable as they import items from the UK, which increases the cost.

A wide variety of lingerie is available in every size. You can order them from the comfort of your home, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. It allows you to buy all the latest trendy bras, panties, and every other lingerie. Lenceria also sells Victoria’s Secret style bridal lingerie on their online store. The lenceria lingerie comes with stockings that will cost you from Rs. 3999 to Rs. 5999.

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2. Miniso Pakistan

Miniso Pakistan

Owned by a famous Chinese variety store company, Miniso Pakistan produces all kinds of products. It has everything you can think of, from tech items to clothing. On Miniso Pakistan, you can also find branded undergarments for ladies. They have all kinds of ladies undergarments, from underwear for ladies to bras.

If you are interested, you can also get fancy undergarments for ladies from Miniso Pakistan. It has stores worldwide, along with some major cities in Pakistan. Ladies panties on Miniso Pakistan costs around Rs. 1000.

3. Adidas

Adidas Undergarments

Adidas is a popular sports brand that produces all kinds of sports stuff. From footwear to kits, you will top class players across the sports wearing Adidas. Therefore, you will also find a vast variety of under garments for ladies from this brand.

Adidas has categories for its items which include:

Light Support: For light activities like Yoga

Medium Support: For medium-level activities like Cycling.

High Support: For High-level training, where you stretch a lot.

Sports bras of Adidas are the most popular among female undergarments. Undergarments for ladies online shopping are also accessible in the case of Adidas, as you can very easily buy them on the internet. Adidas ladies undergarments may be expensive, therefore, the higher class of society only uses them. If you are looking for budget options in lingerie, you should keep reading the article.

4. Nike

Nike Undergarments

One another famous international sports brand producing all kinds of female undergarments, including sports bras and panties is Nike. Nike and Adidas undergarments are perfect if you are looking to wear them during workouts.

Undergarments for ladies online shopping are available for Nike as well. Although Nike itself does not have its online store in Pakistan, you can locate many online stores selling them in Pakistan. Prices of the Under garments for ladies from this brand may be high. Nike sports bra price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000. If you find it expensive for ladies undergarments, then the next option is perfect.

5. Elo

Elo Undergarments

Export leftover is the best option to get branded undergarments for ladies in Pakistan. Although Elo is an online store selling all kinds of stuff, it is mainly focused on clothing. The clothes on this online store are the leftovers of top international brands like Zara, Splash, Underarmor, and many others.

Ladies undergarments are also available on Elo from these brands. You may also find cheap local underwear and bras. This is the best place if you want to buy fancy undergarments for ladies as it has a huge variety—female undergarments on Elo cost as low as Rs. 99.


At last, the article contains the 5 Best Ladies Undergarment Brands In Pakistan. These brands include Lenceria, Miniso Pakistan, Adidas, Nike, and Elo. Check them out to find the best available option. Along with the physical stores, you can also buy from them online.

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