Edhi Adoption Program | How to Adopt a Child

Edhi Adoption Program

Edhi Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi that provides different social welfare services in the country. From 24 hours emergency service to women shelters, Edhi foundation is known to provide these services to those who are in need regardless of their religion, race and social status.

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The organization mainly focuses on emergency services, a shelter for the destitute, free healthcare, taking care of orphans and handicapped persons and national and international relief efforts.

Edhi Adoption Program

Edhi Adoption Program

The Edhi Adoption Program is one of the social welfare services provided by the foundation to take care of abandoned newborn babies. For this purpose, cradles outside Edhi centres across the country have been placed. Most of the times, these babies are given to the childless couples through the organization’s adoption program.

Edhi Adoption Program
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Mrs Bilquis Bano Edhi ensures that the couples who want to adopt a child through this program are truly deserving. She manages the women and children section of the foundation. After checking the couples’ background and undertaking an extensive screening process, she decides whether the couple or family is suitable for the child or not.

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Edhi Adoption Program Criteria

With regard to child adoption, the Edhi Foundation has set criteria that must be met if a couple wants to adopt a child. Following are the requirements for Edhi Adoption Program.

  • The couple is childless after 10-12 years of marriage.
  • Prospective father has a reasonable income.
  • Prospective parents do not have drug-related problems.
  • Couple have their own house.
  • Potential mother’s age is less than 50 years.

How to Adopt a Child

Once the couple who wants to adopt a child meets the aforementioned criteria, then they can apply for the adoption program by following the instructions given below.

Edhi adoption form

  • Sign it and send it to the Edhi Foundation head office in Karachi.
  • After verifying all the information in the form, the couple will be called for an interview.
  • Mrs Bilquis Edhi will interview the couple and decide whether to approve their adoption application or not.

Note: Edhi Foundation also makes sure that the parents sign an affidavit which clearly states that in case of parents’ separation, the centre will get back the child or they will let the child stay with the mother.

There you have it! This is all about Edhi Adoption Program. If you have any queries pertaining to the topic then let us know in the comments section.

Written by Umer Zahid