Energy-Efficient Electrical Cables for Pakistani Homes

Allied Cables has been a leading brand in the cable industry for 35 years, excelling in delivering high-quality products. Moreover, we understand the importance of convenience for our customers. That’s why we now provide the option of online shopping for our cables, ensuring a seamless and accessible experience.

History and Origin

Allied Cables was established in 1981 due to the efforts and tireless commitment of Mr. Aftab Ahsan, who recognized the need to manufacture Copper Rods, Enameled Copper Wire, Copper Strips, and Cables. The company previously worked in technical collaboration with Hitachi Japan and imported furnaces and plants to achieve the premium-quality we see today.

99.99% Pure Copper Cables

As the world progressed, so did Allied Cables. It has evolved by delivering high-quality products and establishing itself as one of the leading brands in the market. Through both vertical and horizontal growth, it has become the largest manufacturer of Copper Rods, producing an astounding capacity of 140,000 Metric tons annually.

One of the key distinguishing features of Allied Cables is their use of 99.99% pure Copper wires. The choice of this material is a testament to their dedication, as Copper is a renowned conductor of electricity and heat and is also corrosion-resistant. Micro Processor Controlled technology is used to continuously cast and hot-roll high-quality (Grade-A) LME Registered Copper Cathode to achieve this standard.

Moreover, the quality of the pure Copper Rods satisfies all the global benchmarks. With a market presence since 1981, Allied Cables has been manufacturing different Copper wires and cables, and has maintained its reputation for being the preferred choice for various industries throughout the nation. Industry professionals have been trusting Allied Cables since a long time, whether it is for power cables, distribution wiring for homes, telephone cables, enameled copper wires, copper strip, and more.

Safety First

Allied Cables Pakistan takes pride in its fire safe products. The cables are carefully designed to meet all safety standards, increasing the loyalty of their customers, lessening their concerns. The addition of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulation also adds a layer of protection providing flexibility while sheltering against environmental and physical deterioration.


Allied Cables has always strived for excellence. Their primary aim is to use locally produced raw materials to cut down costs, without compromising on quality, ensuring customer satisfaction with the provision of the same 99.99% pure Copper products.

Moreover, Allied Cables recognizes the importance of building strong and lasting partnerships with its customers. The main goal is to facilitate its customers through decreasing their electricity usage by enabling a seamless flow of current with minimal resistance, resulting in reduced electricity expenses and an enhanced performance.

Allied Cables wants the best for their customers and works tirelessly to satisfy them. Understanding the unique needs and challenges of every individual, the company works closely with clients to deliver customized solutions maintaining customer loyalty.

Furthermore, Allied Cables remains dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR), giving back to the communities in which it operates. Making constant donations and producing with environmentally-friendly products to name a few.

In conclusion

Conclusively, it can indeed be said that Allied Cables continues to set the standard for excellence in the electrical industry. It has proven itself to be a symbol of innovation and reliability in the world of cables and wiring. The use of 99.9% pure copper, emphasis on conductivity, fire-safe features, and PVC insulation makes Allied Cables a league of its own.

As technology advances, one can only expect that Allied Cables will continue to maintain its spot as the market leader, creating a new future of connectivity. Relentlessly focusing on research and development, the company is sure to introduce even more advanced solutions that facilitate industries and communities globally.

Written by Desk