How to Get Back to Business After COVID

Since the coronavirus outbreak, all small and big businesses had been closed to contain the novel virus. But now, as COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions begin to lift, people are getting back to their businesses. However, businesses have to take adequate measures to keep the surroundings safe and protected as the risk of infection and resurgence of COVID-19 remains. So, in order to help people to get back to their business, we have come up with some ideas that can help you to keep the world around you safe and protected. Here’s how you can get back to business using Custom Decals.

Keep Customers at Safe Distance with a Custom Floor Decal

As businesses start to allow customers at their physical storefront, several safety measures should be taken to ensure the health and safety of the people. Many stores lack a large amount of space which makes it important for you to utilize the space wisely. To promote social distancing, use some cheerful floor decals that will keep customers separated from each other.

If you’re in the food or drink industry, you have to manage the number of tables people can be seated at. Decals are an incredible method to stamp tables that may not presently be used due to social distancing measures. This way you can make your customers a lot better and much more relaxed.

Encourage Hygiene and Sanitization

As customers will be entering your physical store, they will come in contact with the surfaces and products in your store. So, offering hand sanitizer at the entrance of your store will ensure the safety of both customers and employees working at the store. As employees will be wearing masks which makes it difficult to communicate. So, let your customers know that you’re kind and friendly through custom identification badges.

Use Custom Tape to Keep Everybody in Line

Do you have tight paths, walkways, or checkout paths? Packing tape is the ideal solution. With the help of the packing tape, you can create arrows, lanes and grids for customers to acknowledge and follow, as they explore your store. Controlling the flow of the movement in the store will help you minimize the risk and will help everyone to get the desired supplies without any hassle. These custom tapes can assist customers and help in avoiding congestion in the store.

Rather than using generic packing tape, you can add brand message or logos on the tape to add some flavor.

1. Act Now, Before Others

As you read this, a portion of your rivals is as yet battling, thinking how they recuperate their business. Carriers’, lodging networks, DMCs and the travel industry sheets the same, need to return to the planning phase and consider how to re-form their business. Try not to sit around. Make a move: tell your clients that your item is accessible and you have some extraordinary proposals for them!

2. Find New Customers

Organizations re-opening their entryways this month are calling upon their old customers. While your rivals are scratching their heads, tell clients in Russia and the Czech Republic about your new flight offers. Enlighten travelers in Turkey and Italy about the occasion bundles that you sell. Present your exceptional item to business travelers in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

3. Lessen Your Costs

Our clients reveal to us how advertising financial plans have contracted. The movement business has lost a huge number of customers, a considerable lot of whom won’t be able to recapture their positions this year. You have to decrease your expenses yet you have to develop your deals. How would you do that?

We have deals and promoting groups across more than 35 nations in Europe, the Middle East and North and Central America. Regardless of whether you need a business master out on the lookout, you need to participate in a nearby online class for the exchange programme, or go on a multi-day deals barrage all through the nation; we can tailor-make the specific proposal for you.

4. Make Attractive Offers, That Customers Cannot Refuse

Presently it is your opportunity to change. Think about different advertising methods: make new arrangements, converse with clients in different dialects, pick broadened selling channels and search for income openings in new nations and new business sectors.

5. Augment Your Choices. Realize What We Can Offer

Our groups have an insight of more than 30 years in the movement, the travel industry, aeronautics and friendliness enterprises. With businesses in more than 35 nations, we have networks in Portuguese, Greek, German, French, Russian, Armenian and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have picked up the trust of organizations with an amazing legacy, for example, American Airlines, Qantas Airways, Wyndham inns, Cathay Pacific, Tour East DMC, Bangkok Air and some more.


If you have liked this guide regarding how to get back to your business during COVID-19 outbreak, let us know in the comments. Also, if you have any queries or have any suggestions, let us know through your feedback and share it among others.

Written by Umer Zahid