How to Block Your SIM If It Gets Stolen

A Comprehensive Guide

how to block SIM in Pakistan

Mobile phone enthusiasts wait for months for the launch of new devices from their favorite brand. Most of them book their phone in advance or rush to the nearest outlet to purchase the new phone on the very first day of its arrival in the market. It’s a shame that your latest rave can get stolen or snatched very easily these days. That is when you’d want to get your SIM blocked immediately! Learn how to block your SIM with simple methods.

Regardless of the hefty sum of money spent on the new phone, your SIM being in the wrong hands is a rather serious matter of concern, especially if it’s in a criminal’s hand. Your SIM is registered under your name and CNIC and if it’s misused, you may have to face legal action.

Fraud is the major reason why anyone would want to block their SIM. There have been countless cases where a CNIC was used by someone unrelated to the actual owner to purchase a SIM and use it for illegal activities. Thanks to the Pakistani authorities, there is a proper system in place now that facilitates people to check the number of SIMs registered under their name. Such situations call for a SIM block.

Block SIM

Number of SIMS Registered Against Your CNIC

  1. Go to the SMS application on your mobile.
  2. Write your full 13 digits CNIC number without hyphens.
  3. Send to 668.

How to Block Your SIM Card Via Franchise

Go to the nearest franchise and get the SIM card canceled.

How to Block SIM Via Helpline

  1. Call the helpline.
  2. Register your case.
  3. Ask for the cancelation of your SIM.

The telecom company mostly even offers to deliver the duplicate SIM at your doorstep without any extra charges.

Customer Service Numbers

You can reach your network on the following helpline numbers:

Ufone: call on 333

Jazz: call on 111

Zong: call on 310

Telenor: call on 345

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