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How to Check Your Telenor Number 

A Basic Guide to Finding Out Your Own Telenor Number

Find Your Telenor Number

A very basic method of finding out your own Telenor number is to call your friend or relative and ask them to send you back the number that they received a call from. But in case you are out of credit to make a call, there are other easier ways to check your Telenor number as well.  

Forgetting things is common among humans. Sometimes, we forget the smallest and the most important of all things, specifically when they involve digits, like dates, phone numbers, etc.  

If you are the owner of a Telenor SIM and cannot seem to recall your own phone number, don’t worry because we have got you covered.  

Here are five quick and easy ways to check your Telenor number: 

To Check Your Telenor Number

Via SMS 

  • Open the general text message application from your phone.  
  • Send an empty text message to 7421 
  • Wait for a while to receive a reply from 7421. The text message you receive will have your Telenor number.  

 Via Call

  • If you are out of credit to send a text message, all you have to do is: 
  • Dial 7421 from your Telenor sim.  
  • The call will be sent as an auto-response message.  
  • You will soon receive a reply from 7421 containing your Telenor SIM number. Phone number via Phone Call 

 Via App

In order to find out your Telenor number via My Telenor App, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Play Store to find and install the My Telenor App.  
  • Open the My Telenor App.  
  • Tap on the ‘Start’ button.  
  • Your Telenor number will be displayed on the Telenor app home screen from where you can view and note it down easily.  

 Via Telenor Representative 

An alternate method to find out the desired information about your Telenor SIM is to speak directly to the Telenor representative. For this purpose you will require the following:  

  • Your name 
  • Your CNIC 
  • Your IMSI number (printed on the back of your SIM) 

After you have all the required information, dial 345 from your Telenor SIM and follow the instructions to speak directly to a Telenor representative.  

Proceed to the guidance provided by the Telenor representative and provide them the information they ask you (your name, CNIC, and IMSI number). After you have followed their directions, they will inform you about your Telenor number. Jot it down somewhere for safekeeping 

 Via Telenor Website

You can check your Telenor number via another relatively easy way, that is through the official Telenor website 

  • Visit the Telenor official website by following this link 
  • On the bottom right corner, you will see a dark box Telenor Customer Care’.  
  • Click on the icon and start chatting with the Telenor customer representative.  
  • Type your query and provide the information the representative will ask you, such as your name, CNIC, and IMSI number.  
  • The representative will then provide you with the details of your Telenor number.  

 It is important to note that you should only use the SIM card registered in your name. You can only have a maximum of 5 network SIM cards at a time.  


Written by Qurat-ul-Ain