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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2022

Earning through social media might sound impossible a few years back. But since the lockdown situation when many people had to lose their jobs, they started exploring online earning methods. Making money through social media has become more accessible. Some People even make more money through Instagram than any well-paid jobs.

Whether you are an individual or a business, Instagram offers many money-making options that you can use to earn a bunch of money. Large business entities run ad campaigns and hire Instagram influencers to promote their brand.

This article answers many vital questions that can help you start with Instagram. Read it till the end to learn every piece of information you need before jumping into this business.

Can Everybody Earn Money from Instagram

Can EveryBody Earn Money from Instagram

Of course, if you have confidence and can commit to your time, this is the ideal platform to get started. Instagram is social media that requires engagement. You need to stay active and keep posting. There are multiple types of content you can share on your Instagram. You can upload single photo posts, arousal photo posts, Videos, Live videos, Reels, and Stories.

Instagram receives more than a billion visitors every month. And every one of those has specific interests. All you need to do is understand what content they are looking for and convert that into earnings.

First, you need to understand the difference between the Page and the Profile. When you create a profile on Instagram that allows you to interact with your friends and family, you can hide your profile from strangers and only let certain people see your photos. On the other hand, Pages are used for making money either through offering services or selling things. You create a page where you can post anything you want to share with the public. And people with their profiles on Instagram can follow these pages.

If you finally decide to start earning from Instagram, you can take one of the two paths used on Instagram. Make your profile a public page and make money by becoming an influencer. On the other hand, you start your business page and sell your products or services.

How to Make Money on Instagram As an influencer

How to Make Money on Instagram As an influencer

You need to be an influencer engaged with your Instagram followers, and it means that you share every little thing happening in your life. It is essential that you choose your niche. It is recommended that you do something in your daily life or that you like to do so that people can relate to you.

Once you choose a niche for entrance, if you are into fashion, you can share your favorite clothing by wearing them in your photos. This niche is best if you are in this line of business. You can be a photographer or a model. Famous models like Kelly Jenner and Gigi Hadid share their daily fitness routines and many other things.

So, once you get a certain amount of followership, now you need to know How you can monetize your Instagram page. Even if you have not more than 3000 followers, you can still make a living out of it. Here are a few methods to make money on Instagram as an influencer:

1. Become an Affiliate

Joining an affiliate program is the easiest way to make money. But it requires a proper understanding of marketing. And for marketing, you need to know your target audience. In this case, being an Instagram influencer, you have already chosen a niche. Now, you need to find a perfect product that falls in your niche and that you can promote on your page. And once you build trust among your followers, you can convince them to buy something on your recommendation.

Every company on the internet offers an affiliate program. The most popular website in the influencer world is Amazon. On Amazon, sellers around the globe list their products, making it easy to find something in your niche. Amazon affiliate program form is very straightforward; all it asks you to share is the platform you will use to promote their items. After joining the program, you must sell at least one thing in six months.

If the Amazon affiliate program is not suitable for you, there are so many options available that can be used. Etsy is another handy platform that is being used by a large number of influencers. All it requires you to promote the product and earn a commission on every sale.

2. Paid Partnership With Brands

Famous sportsmen like Cristiano Ronaldo and Virat Kohli charge millions for each sponsored post. Partnering with brands to make money from Instagram is very typical as it allows you to start earning with even a few followers.

Getting a brand partnership may seem a little challenging, but once you land your first client, it becomes easy to get started. Even social media influencers with 2K to 3K are making money on Instagram through brand sponsorship.

As a newbie on Instagram, look for small brands related to your niche and pitch them the offer they can’t refuse. The perfect pitch contains examples. It is recommended that you create content linked to their brand. For instance, if you are a food blogger, do free reviews of different restaurants or food items. Make sure your content is engaging so that when you go to the brands, they see the true potential.

3. Turn on Content Monetization

Instagram provides a content monetization feature to support and appreciate the effort of the content creator on its platform. With this feature turned on, Instagram shows ads in between your videos. Instagram recently made its monetization feature available in Pakistan.

The social media giant has strict terms and conditions for those who want to earn from Instagram monetization. Your video content has to comply with the content monetization policy to be eligible for placing ads in it. If you post a Static video, Static image poll, slideshow of images, Looping video, or a Text montage, it will not be allowed for earning.


Pakistani Users Can Now Earn Money on Instagram

Instagram prohibits the behaviors like Engagement bait and Soliciting engagement. Content with misinformation is also not allowed in this program. Instagram also bans different content categories, including Debated Social issues, Tragedy or Conflict, and objectional activities like Substance abuse, Theft, Copyright Infringement, etc.

Other than this, other features like Live Badges and Reels Bonuses also fall under the monetization umbrella. Further in the article, these two options are discussed in detail.

4. Earn With Instagram Live Badges

Supporting the content creator on its platform, Instagram lets you turn followership into money. This feature is called Live Badges, which people give to appreciate them.

When you go live on Instagram, viewers buy these badges (Ranging between $0.99 to $4.99) to recognize your effort. You will see a heart next to the username of those who have purchased badges during the live video. The total earnings from Live also appear on the screen; for details, click on the “View” option. Your dashboard will show the total number of badges and your earnings.

Live badges do not come enabled by default. They require you to turn them on from your page settings. Here is a guide to allowing Live badges on your profile:

  • Go to the Profile page and click on Professional Dashboard.
  • Enable the Monetization option.
  • Once you get approved, you will see a Live Badges option.
  • Tap on the Live Badges and turn it on.

Live badges are helpful when you have successfully built an audience ready to pay for more content. Renowned Influencers mostly use such features. Remember that you should remind your followers to use the Badges in every live stream. You can collaborate with other Instagram stars in the live video and perform something for your followers.

5. Earn More with Instagram Bonuses

Instagram is rolling out a new monetization method for the small influencers on its platform. You can become eligible for this feature if you have less than a million followers. With this feature, you earn bonuses based on the performance of your reels.

It requires you to produce a certain amount of reels to make money through each Reel. The more reels you create, the more money you make. The earnings through each play of your reel are not constant; you may make more money at first and less over time.

For the time being, creators in the United States can only access Instagram Reels Play through invitation. A pop-up message and an invitation on your Professional dashboard will let you know if you’ve been selected.

Don’t forget to enable Reels Play bonuses that become available to you within the app before your eligibility expires. In an official message on its website, Instagram says, “Bonus programs are constantly changing, so take advantage while you can!”.

6. Create Exclusive Content

Offering exclusive content to your followers on Instagram can lead to recurring monthly income. As a Pro in any field of life, you can share your experiences and tips in exchange for dollars. Yes, it may be a new thing for you, but Instagram lets you start a subscription-based service on its platform, where subscribers will pay a monthly fee to enjoy exclusive content from you.

Every exclusive will be highlighted with a purple color crown badge. You can share exclusive photos, stories, and much more. All the subscribers will get the same crown in front of their name when they comment on your post or send you a DM. This helps them stand out and allows you to always reply to them.

You set the monthly charges of the subscription. You can offer exclusive subscriber-based Lives, stories, chats, posts, and reels. In Instagram Live or post, you can share paid tutorials or launch a course through video posts. Your success in this depends on the loyalty of your followers. If they are loyal to you, they will surely be ready to pay for exclusive content.

How to Make Money on Instagram through Business Page

How to Make Money on Instagram through Business Page

Instagram encourages you to have a business page on their platform as it helps their ecosystem. On Instagram, you not only sell your products directly but also hire influencers to get more reach. This benefits both the business and the influencer in making money using Instagram.

Also, the social media platform earns when you run ads to promote your product. This way, everyone is happy as everyone gets their fair share of earnings. Due to its vast user base, Instagram is the most used platform to promote businesses. Here are a few methods that can help you make money Instagram business page:

1. Sell Your Merchandise

Almost every famous influencer has his merchandise. Starting a separate business page or using the main page to promote your merch depends on the type of content you produce. If your niche allows you to promote your products, you should sell them on your main page. But if you have to create a business profile, then it is essential that you at least indirectly keep marketing your merchandise.

Influencers use different products as their merchandise. For example, T-shirts, Hoodies, Cups, Key chains, Diaries, etc. They put their names, logos, or a catchphrase that is being loved by their fan base. T-shirts and Hoodies are primarily used as they probably are more profitable.

2. Setup Your Instagram Shop

Nowadays, every brand has its online website where it sells its products. Users go to their website, select the item they want to buy, and place an order. Within a few days, they deliver them to their doorstep. Most of them now prefer online shopping over physically visiting stores.

For brands, there are many platforms where they can promote their products, but Instagram has taken a step further and let you create a shop on its platform. It lets you share a catalog, including the product description and prices.

By curating sets of products or presenting your products in themes, you may personalize your store. New products, offers, or seasonal fashion is examples of popular themes.

3. Post shoppable Instagram posts

The online shopping business has touched its peak in the lockdown. When everything shut down, companies turned to these social media sites like Instagram and started selling their products. Instagram is heaven for brands to sell their items.

Understanding the need to promote small businesses, Instagram recently added a feature that lets you include the price tag in the images. For example, when a fashion brand posts a photo of a model wearing earrings, lipstick, clothes, or even a handbag, it can add a price tag to each item that leads to its shop.

The Post, Tag, and Sell feature is appreciated among the brands as they are getting exceptional results. The business’s sales on Instagram have observed a boom after this new feature. This feature can help small businesses grow on Instagram like never before. According to the reports, over 130 million visitors on Instagram use it for shopping. If you have a business or are planning on starting a new one, you should at least try it.

How Much Money Can I Make On Instagram?

How Much Money Can I Make On Instagram?

Your earnings on Instagram depend on different factors. Since Instagram allows you to make money through different methods, the payments on Instagram go from a few dollars to millions of dollars. Through the brand partnership, big influencers make millions of dollars.

For small influencers, the brand looks at different parameters, like the number of followers and engagements on your post. So it is safe to say that the number of followers and engagement on your posts equals the money you can make on Instagram.

Here is how much earning you can expect from a certain amount of followers:

  • From 2K to 10K Followers – Up to $100 per post
  • With 10K to 50K Followers – $100 to $500 per post
  • From 50K to 500K Followers – $500 to $5,000 per post
  • With 500K to 1 Million Followers – $5,000 to $10,000 per post
  • With more than 1 million Followers – $10,000 to $1 million+ per post

The income per post may vary from person to person because the engagement on the post is a significant factor that plays an important role while scoring a client. If you are getting started and you find a brand that sees potential in your profile, it will surely offer you more than these earnings mentioned earlier.

At last, this article tries to answer all your queries related to making money on Instagram and briefly covers all the methods you can start with to earn on this social media platform.


Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

Cristiano Ronaldo earns the most on Instagram in 2022. According to some sources, Ronaldo makes around 3 million dollars through each post on Instagram.

Does Instagram pay you for Reels?

Yes, with its Reels Play Bonus Program, Instagram supports creators with less than a million followers. Instagram’s Reels Plays Bonus is currently only available in the United States.

How much money do you get for 1000 views on Instagram?

Earning from Instagram Reels varies for each participant. The average earning from 1000 views on Instagram is $5.

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