How to Pay for Netflix in Pakistan

Are you one of those people looking at a scarcity of quality video content on the internet? What kind of a bell does the word Netflix ring for you? There are a number of awesome video content providers in the streaming business – Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, etc – but, there’s this little human instinct that drives our attention towards finding an ‘all-rounder’ provider of binge-worthy TV shows and seat-gripping movies. How to Pay for Netflix in Pakistan?

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Netflix is a name that instantly provides you with a sense of happiness, a purpose in life, peace of mind, and – for some special individuals – a reason to look forward to going home every day after a tiring day at work.

This article is all about Netflix, and How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan. Read on!

All You Need To Know | How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan

Netflix is THE online streaming service that offers members an exclusive access to a wide variety of movies, seasons, documentaries and much, much more. Besides the ‘watch-all-you-want part’, the best thing about Netflix is something we all just can’t get enough of, i.e. AD-FREE CONTENT.

How To Get Netflix | Also Read Best About Netflix

If you think you could just begin streaming awesome movies and TV shows right at this instant, then let me tell you something you’d love to know: YES, YOU TOTALLY CAN!

Netflix offers a 30-day free trial for people visiting the site for the first time. I know what you’re thinking, but stop doing that really; this isn’t a scam, there’s no shady business involved. Just sign up with your personal details and you’re good to go.

It doesn’t get any better than this, but hold up. Once the 30-day free trial expires, you’ll need to start paying for any future binge-watching you’d love to do.

Fill your credit/debit card details at the start of the trial period. Once the 30-day period is over, the subscription fee is automatically deducted from your bank account.

Note: You can always cancel your subscription any time you want, without extra charges.

Quality Video Content | How To Pay For Netflix | Pakistan

You can always pay for a Netflix Account through a credit or debit card. But, if you don’t have a bank account, or your bank isn’t catering to your Netflix- needs, then you can simply pay through PTCL.

Note: To pay via PTCL, you have to be a PTCL customer.

PTCL Charges | Netflix

For a basic customer-base:

  • PTCL charge 950 per month.
  • The company also offers a Standard Plan, that costs 1200;
  • The Premium bundle costs at 1500 per month.

PTCL conducts Netflix billing by including chosen subscription options and adding cost to basic PTCL internet invoices.

Note: Plans may differ on the basis of how many users can access an individual account.

Telenor Charges | Netflix

Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Netflix, allowing users to pay their subscription bill in the form of mobile credit through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). Currently this service is available for Telenor Pakistan’s Post-paid and corporate customers, but will be extended to prepaid users in the near future.

How to pay for Netflix with Telenor?

Click here if you’re already a Telenor Postpaid user. To sign up via Telenor billing, proceed as follows:

  • Visit
  • Choose the price plan that best suits your needs
  • Create your account
  • Set up your payment method as “Add to Telenor Postpaid bill”
  • Enter your Postpaid mobile number and receive the OTP
  • Validate the OTP and enjoy Netflix

Telenor Pakistan offers the following payment plans to customers via OTP-enabled subscription plans:

  • Basic: Rs. 950/month + tax
  • Standard: Rs. 1200/month + tax
  • Premium: Rs. 1500/month + tax

Note: All payment plans require a small taxed percentage, so the billing might change a bit. But worry not, it isn’t much!

Telenor Pakistan | Terms and Conditions For Netflix

  • Netflix charges are to be paid upfront
  • Future offers may be repetitive in nature
  • You can enhance your credit limit with a scratch by dialing *456#
  • Credit limit enhancement is advised to prevent your Postpaid connection from blocking
  • Your cell phone number should be active for you to successfully subscribe to the offer
  • Your credit limit should be 20% higher or more, than your existing credit limit to successfully subscribe to the offer
  • The offer is only applicable for Telenor Postpaid customers

Netflix & Pakistan | A Few Things In The Know

All banking systems and branchless fintech firms offer Netflix services, but only a few options follow through without any payment-lags. At the moment, only Telenor and PTCL have streamlined Netflix subscriptions with their lossless configuration system and billing procedures. But, at the end of the day, you want Netflix. Right?

Given the current situation pertaining to the pandemic crisis that has shaken our economy, stuff like paying bills and getting video content subscriptions is something that we can easily do from the comfort of our home.

If you’re a Telenor/PTCL customer and crazy about Netflix, dude, stop looking for hints and just go for it!

This article was all about How To Pay For Netflix In Pakistan. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. We’ll get back to you in no time.


Written by Ahsan Gardezi