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How To Rent A Car From Home

How To Rent A Car From Home

Are you looking to plan your trip with the perfect rental car? Is there a wedding you need to get to, but there’s no car available at home? This article provides all the latest updates on how to rent a car from home. If you want to get the right rental car for your needs, make sure to follow our guidelines carefully!

How To Rent A Car From Home

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KAYAK | Pakistan Car Rentals | How To Rent A Car From Home

Based on car searches on KAYAK, the busiest cities to rent a car in Pakistan are Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

How To Rent A Car From Home

As the above screenshot shows, enter required details in provided fields. Click on Search and proceed.

How To Rent A Car From Home

If you check for car rentals in Islamabad, you get options similar to the ones displayed above. Select the one by clicking on View Deal. The site directs you to another landing page that allows you to finalise your options.

Rental Options | ProPakistani

Select your preferred option by clicking on Select Car. The next page prompts you to enter your driver’s information and comments related to company policy. When you’re done with all that, proceed towards reservation:

Reservation Takaful | ProPakistani

Click on Reserve Now to complete your booking; your due charges for the rental program will be collected by the company when they pick you up.

For more information, visit KAYAK’s booking policies and read their Terms & Conditions for more clarity.

Rent My Car | You Can Also List Your Car For Rent If You Want!

Cofounded by an aspiring group of local entrepreneurs, Rent My Car has become a reckoning force for car rentals throughout Pakistan. Supported by a formidable bunch of backers – like Pak-Qatar Family Takaful – this company offers some of the best rental deals to its customers.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Visit their official site and find yourself on a landing page that displays what the image above shows. Select your preferences for Where (1), Where (2), From and Until, then click on Search For Cars.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Select your preferred options, then click on Go To Checkout.

Booking Form | RentMyCar | ProPakistani

When presented with a form that looks something similar to this^, fill it. Scroll down, then select NEXT to submit your booking information. You will be contacted by a company rep for further information and the car will be delivered to your address within an hour.

Visit their official site for more information.

Pakistan Rent-A-Car | How To Rent A Car From Home

Being a pioneer Rent-A-Car company, Pakistan Rent a Car provides economical rates for Pakistan’s tourism industry. They aim to add a few extra innovations for boosting domestic tourism by expanding rental range and purchase options.

How To Rent A Car From Home

After navigating towards their landing page, scroll down and search for Online Booking. Click here, then fill a form that comes with it.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Browse locations if you need to – they typically provide rental services at all locations within city demographics.

Visit here if you want to book a rental car from Pakistan Rent a Car.

OLX ‘SET HAI’ | Get Rental Services In Quick Steps

A typical OLX visitor is looking for a phone, used furniture, old appliances and – well – just looking. The latest OLX update offers visitors to get car rental services with a variety of extendable options.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Visit OLX and browse through their filtered categories (as seen in the image above). Select Car Rental, click on an ad you like, and then get busy.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Read Seller’s bio, then click on Chat with seller if the ad appeals to your preferences. After confirming charges via phone call, you will get your rental car within an hour!

For more info about the advertisement above, visit here. This one looks promising!

Royal Car Rentals | Cars For ‘Hire’ | ISB | LHR | KHI | RWP

Royal Car Rentals offer economy and luxury cars on rent, with an option for a driver-on-duty at affordable rates.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Visit their official site and fill details in the following format:

Quotation | Royal Car Rentals | ProPakistani

After filling relevant options, click on Get A Quote.

How To Rent A Car From Home

Click on Book Now, then proceed towards the final window to confirm your booking:

Booking Confirmation | Royal Car Rentals | ProPakistani

For official registration and confirmation on booking options, visit this link!


The following options are city-specific and don’t require any hard-and-fast rule to book a rental car:

MyRentACar | ProPakistani

Roamer | ProPakistani | Booking Landing Page

Cars In Islamabad | ProPakistani

Lahore | Cars For Rent | ProPakistani

GETCAR | ProPakistani

Visit Tripadvisor for adjusting your schedules for vacations with car rental services.

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to rent a car from home. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the section provided below.

Good luck!

Written by Ahsan Gardezi