Sindh Educational Institutions to Remain Closed from Feb 6 to 9 Due to Election

In response to the decision made in Punjab, Sindh Educational Institutions will remain closed from Feb 6-9. This decision has been made in light of the upcoming general elections in Pakistan.

The Sindh Education Department has issued a directive stating that all private and public schools, colleges, and universities in the province will remain closed during this period to facilitate the electoral process.

As a result of this closure, students in Sindh will have a total of nine consecutive holidays, including the preceding Sunday and Saturday. Additionally, after February 9, there will be additional holidays on February 10 and 11, which coincide with the weekend.

Sindh Education Institutions Closed Due to Election

The Chief Minister, Maqbool Baqir, approved the decision to close educational institutions during the election period in Sindh. This decision was made after the summary of holidays for both government and private educational institutions in Sindh was approved.

The decision is in line with the resolution announced by the Punjab Cabinet earlier, which mandated the closure of schools, colleges, and universities from February 6 to 9 to facilitate the electoral process. for More Holidays Information you can visit FPSC Result website

Sindh School Holidays Due to Election

In addition, there will be extra holidays on February 10 and 11, which coincide with the weekend, following February 9. It’s worth mentioning that February 5 has been declared a public holiday in Sindh in observance of Kashmir Day.

Chief Minister Maqbool Baqir has approved the holiday schedule for public and private educational institutions in Sindh, including the decision to close schools during the election season.

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