15 Uncomplicated and Easy Ways To Be a Better Pakistani

Starting today…


Another year, another Independence Day. However, this year the nation state of Pakistan is celebrating its diamond jubilee. Something to think about as a Pakistani.

While another country doing the same across the boarder is introducing it’s first electric car, Pakistan is introducing more ‘national songs‘. While it’s easy to criticize authorities for matters such as this, what are we the people doing? There are plenty of things we could do as good Samaritans.

Any ideas as to how you’d like to contribute back to society? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand gesture. Well no worries, as we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of uncomplicated ways everyone can be a better Pakistani.

  1. Don’t litter. Pick up your trash.
  2. Conserve resources. Try to use less water and electricity.
  3. Try to learn new things. The country grows as we grow.
  4. Buy local. Support small businesses.
  5. When travelling, be mindful to represent your country in a good way. In short, behave!
  6. Support local artists. Stop pirating stuff!
  7. Respect the laws. Even if it’s stopping at a traffic light.
  8. Help others. Every small act of kindness counts.
  9. Active listening. Hear people out who have opposing views
  10. .Acknowledging AND helping when people are in danger. Instead of ‘minding your own business.’
  11. Be patriotic. You’re a Pakistani first.
  12. Respect others. Practice basic human decency.
  13. Take responsibility for yourself. Don’t blame it on ‘halaat’.
  14. Voting in elections. Often overlooked.
  15. Pay taxes. What ‘gormint’ doesn’t do shouldn’t affect that.

So how many of these do you already do? Maybe try doing at least one more per day. If we all do our part, we’ll gradually see a change.


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