2022 Met Gala: Netizen Troll Kim Kardashian For Ruining Historic Marilyn Monroe Dress

The Hollywood celebrity is accused of causing ‘irreparable damage’ to the 60-year-old dress.

Netizen troll reality star Kim Kardashian for damaging a historical Marilyn Monroe dress after wearing it at the 2022 Met Gala.

kim kardashian marilyn monroe

The 60-year-old dress is more than just a clothing artifact. It is a piece of history that holds immense importance in pop culture. Marilyn Monroe wore this stunning dress when she sang “Happy Birthday” to then United States President John F. Kennedy.

marilyn monroe

Six years later, the controversial public figure Kim Kardashian had her eyes on the dress, and decided to wear the Marilyn Monroe dress for the 2022 Met Gala.

kim kardashian

Upon returning the outfit, historian and collector, Scott Fortner, reports the dress is “irreparable’.

“It’s not just a dress, it’s a part of American history…and it’ll never be the same,” said the Marilyn Monroe historian and collector, Scott Fortner.

The Marilyn Monroe dress had several crystals missing, some of them hanging on by a thread. The delicate silk soufflé fabric had torn near the zipper and clasp. In other words, Kim Kardashian was too big for the dress.

The special French-made dress is irreparable as the production of silk weave fabric is now discontinued.

“It literally broke my heart to see the damage that she did to that,” Chad Michael Morrisette, a visual artist who had previously worked with dress, told the media. “She stole that moment of history and I’m so mad about it.”

Netizens troll Kim Kardashian for ruining a historical dress. People took to Twitter to make memes about the reality TV star.


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