‘Bachi Mat Banein, Calm Down’: Nida Yasir Lambasted By Internet For Interrupting Guests On Show

Audience have had enough of Nida’s annoying questions

Netizens are tired of morning show Nida Yasir. People took to social media to “request” the Good Morning Pakistan host to stop interrupting her guests with annoying totkas and random questions.

nida yasir

Nida Pasha (better known nowadays as Nida Yasir), is a very popular Pakistani TV figure. The host, producer, and actress is a household name all over Pakistan. Nida has appeared in several hit drama serials to establish herself as a prominent name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The talented star has worked hard to be where she is now.

nida yasir

The morning show host is married to actor and director Yasir Nawaz. Together with her husband, Nida is running her own production house. Fans love to tune in to her popular morning show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital. Nida has a knack for creating a buzz on social media with her antics on the show.

Over the years, fans have grown tired of Nida Yasir’s annoying habits. One of the most irritating traits of the Good Morning Pakistan host is talking over her guests. Often than not, Nida tends to interrupts her guests with some random story or question of her own. Exhibit A:

Here’s another example of Nida interrupting Shazia Gohar as she explains weight plans and diet to the audience.

Another example is Sadia Imam.

Nida doesn’t even care for her brother’s cooking as she talks non-stop while her brother tries to explain the recipe.

Netizens took to social media to request Nida Yasir to shut up and stop asking annoying questions.

What do you think about Nida Yasir’s talkative habit of interrupting her guests? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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