5 Best Places To Have Lunch In Karachi

Karachi is blessed with a plethora of eateries with their own set of delectable food. Sometimes it is very hard to pick out the best places for lunch but we have some suggestions to help you out!




Loco is a Latin American Restaurant located at Khayaban-e-Muslim, Karachi. The ambiance is like a small rustic café which gives a cozy vibe to the customers. The interior is also based on a Latin American theme.

As for food, they are known for their Spanish cuisine. In addition to this, their pepperoni pizza is also a must-have! So, if you’re looking for a cozy place to enjoy Spanish cuisine, Loco is a perfect choice!


Meat The Cheese

Located at Bukhari and Tipu Sultan, Meat the Cheese has been at the top of the list for all cheese lovers!  Their meals are filled with oozing cheese which would definitely make you come back for more.

Their hot sellers, Cheesy Mushroom Fries and The Patty Animal are filled with gooey cheese, need I say more?! Also, their yellow-themed aesthetic ambiance is all you need for some positive vibes! They also have a branch at Bukhari Commercial, a cute little aesthetic space that gives you a positive and welcoming vibe.

If you love cheese, meat the cheese now!


Theatre Live Bakery and Café

If you’re all in for a serene and cozy ambiance, this place is for you!

The interior has tinted mirrors and a cute little space with bookshelves filled with a variety of genres for book lovers. Moreover, their food won’t disappoint you as well. Their bakery menu includes freshly made croissants and tarts that are to die for. The main course menu includes a wide range of dishes, pasta, steaks, sandwiches, and pizzas; you have it all!  They serve an all-day breakfast too so if you’re someone who would love to have a late breakfast over lunch, don’t miss out on this place!

Koel Café

If you’re someone who loves continental dishes, Koel CafĂ© is an ideal lunch spot for you!

Their chef is known for exotic yet familiar creations in terms of dishes and taste with no compromise on quality and quantity. Their minimalistic ambiance adds up to the overall experience, of course.


Café Aylanto

The sleek, minimal interior of this café and delightful food is all you need for a great dining experience for lunch.

Cafe Aylanto is certainly worth a try if you love Mediterranean food. They offer quality cuisines with beautiful presentations. If you’re looking for a once in a while fancy lunch option to have with your peeps, CafĂ© Aylanto is your go-to place in Karachi!