5 Biggest Pakistani Wins in 2022 Till Now [Pictures]


Just halfway into 2022, and Pakistanis are really making waves on the global front. Whether it’s Pakistani artists being acknowledged on the International front or Pakistani stories being told.


Arooj Aftab Grammy Win

Arooj Aftab - BTS

First win of the year, when the New York based Pakistani artist took home a Grammy for ‘Best Global Music Performance’.  Additionally she was nominated for another category that ‘Best New Artist’.


Pasoori’s Global Recognition

Pasoori - Ali Sethi

The Coke Studio single featuring Shae Gill and Ali Sethi made waves all across the world. It was even featured on WWE!

While Coke Studio has churned out many great hits over the year. However, can you recall a track that such global traction?


Joyland Cannes Accolade


This marks another win for Pakistan at the Festival de Cannes. While we have had some films at the international film festival in the past few years, this is definately a huge win.

Aik Hai Nigar

Aik Hai Nigar

Not only did Mahira Khan’s debut telefilm production win hearts in Pakistan, it also won an award in the Netherlands. The telefilm brough home the


Ms. Marvel’s Homage to Pakistani Music

No only is it nice to see a Pakistani-American teen’s story shown on screen, but the added nuances of making it relatable is heartwarming. From Coke Studio’s ‘Peechay Hutt‘ a track by Hasan Raheem, Talal Qureshi and Justin Bibis.

To female pakistani rapper Eva B’s song ‘Rozi‘. And now classics like Ahmed Rushdi’s ‘Ko Ko Korina’. This really just took us back to the golden era of Pakistani film with black and white visuals and Waheed Murad’s suave looks.

The Disney plus web series also featured Nahid Aktar’s Soniye ‘I Love You‘, and a song by British-Pakistani rapper and actor Riz Ahmed called ‘Deal With It’.

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