5 Meals To Have In Sehri To Keep You Energized While Fasting

Sehri is an essential part of Ramazan, eating healthy foods before your body goes in fasting mode is crucial for your health

Ramazan is all about virtue, patience, and peace however, for some, it is only limited to food. People plan extravagant meals for Sehri and Iftar that can actually do their bodies more harm than good. While doing Sehri is an essential part of Ramazan, it is important that we consume food that has a high nutritious value. One needs to incorporate meals into a diet that can keep you energized throughout the day.


Here is a List of Things You Should and Shouldn’t be Doing in Ramazan

Here are five items that are a must-have

1.Eggs and yogurt

Eggs and yogurt are an ideal source of food for the body in sehri. Both these items are highly fulfilling, but since the weather is too hot, we’d recommend that you don’t have eggs every day. However, yogurt is absolutely essential to keep your body chilled.

2. Lassi

This is our all-time favorite item because it’s cool and refreshing. Try to have namkeen lassi or even plain would do, and make it with water and some milk to quench the thirst. You won’t feel dehydrated as such as well.

3. Qeema

There is nothing better than Qeema and paratha in Sehri. It is the best combination ever. It will not only sizzle your palate but provide you with essential proteins.

4. Date or Banana shake

If you think that dates can only be eaten during Iftar then you are mistaken. Date shake during Sehri can be extremely enriching for the body. An alternate could be a banana shake as well. Both these shakes will help you have maximum nutrients.

5. Fruit salad

If you want to keep it simple but classy then opt for a fruit salad. Mix together a few good fruits and treat yourself to a healthy and fulfilling meal. Watermelons, apricots, bananas, apples, etc with some nuts can be a great way to start the fast.

We hope now you have some good ideas for Sehri meals and can fulfill your appetite without getting your hands on all the heavy fried items.

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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