50-year-old Religious Man Ties the Knot with Young ‘Liberal’ Woman [Video]

The Pakistani couple has taken over social media.

Religious man

A Pakistani couple has taken over social media. Apparently, a 50-year-old religious man married a 30-year-old liberal woman and people are unable to grasp the situation. Not only that, but this is his fourth marriage.

Daily Pakistan recently invited the couple for an interview where they shared their love story and how they fell for each other. Speaking with the host, the husband, Aamir Khan revealed that he had divorced all of his three wives because there was no ‘chemistry’ between them.

After failing at his three marriages, the religious man went on to propose his current wife, Rabia who used to work at his father’s school. Due to a misunderstanding, the principal of the school and his father criticized her a lot, however her composure and calm attitude won his heart.

Rabia on the other hand, was impressed by his honesty as he did not hide the fact of his three divorces.


How did the Internet react?

When the couple’s photos went viral on social media, a lot of people questioned the age difference. Some even assumed that Aamir Khan is the brother of a famous religious scholar. At the same time, people were shocked to see his wife, as she did not cover her head, or wear a veil.

Both Aamir and Rabia said that age is just a number for them. They are happy with each other and the husband, despite being so religious didn’t force his wife to dress more modestly.

When the host asked Rabia why she chose to marry an old, religious man, she said:

“Young girls would love to marry popular stars like Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, who are quite old, by the way, but when a religious man of the same age wants to marry them, they are very reluctant. This is very hypocritical of them.”

You can watch the interview here:



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