A Mile-High Matrimony: Dubai Couple Ties the Knot in an Extravagant Indian Wedding Onboard an Airplane

The Boeing 747 aircraft with over 300 guests was modified for the ceremony

Love knows no bounds, and for a Dubai couple, the skies were the perfect witness to their union as they embarked on a journey of a lifetime. In a groundbreaking and opulent celebration, this couple decided to exchange vows and tie the knot mid-air, turning a conventional wedding into a high-flying extravaganza. The nuptials took on the grandeur of a big fat Indian wedding, complete with vibrant traditions and a touch of Dubai’s glamour.

Vidhi Popley, daughter of prominent UAE-based businessman Dilip Popley, exchanged vows with Hridesh Sainani in a groundbreaking wedding ceremony aboard a modified 747 aircraft on Friday, November 24.

The Popley family, having ownership of prestigious jewelry establishments in the UAE and India, is no stranger to headline-grabbing celebrations. With 350 esteemed guests flying in from around the globe, the wedding ceremony unfolded aboard a private Jetex Boeing 747 aircraft, embarking on a three-hour journey from Dubai to Oman.

This was not just any wedding; it was a big fat Indian wedding taking place thousands of feet above ground. The couple ensured that every aspect of their celebration embraced the cultural richness of India. From colorful floral arrangements to intricate mehndi designs, the airplane became a canvas for the vibrant traditions that have been a hallmark of Indian weddings for centuries.

The bride, adorned in a resplendent lehenga, and the groom, looking dashing in traditional attire, took center stage against the backdrop of the panoramic views through the airplane windows. The ‘baraat’ arrived at the Jetex VIP terminal near Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai, from where the celebrations began. Guests were served light bites and beverages before the boarding process.

Guests were treated to a unique aerial view of Dubai as they witnessed the couple exchanging vows amidst the clouds. The combination of the city’s glittering skyline and the intimate atmosphere of the airplane created a surreal and magical setting.

This wasn’t the first time the Popley family took love to the skies. In 1994, Laxman Popley, owner of Popley Jewelers, made headlines by celebrating his son Dilip’s wedding to Sunita on an Air India flight.

Talking to the media Dilip said,

Dubai is my home and this is the sequel to the wedding in the sky. I’ve always dreamt of doing this for my daughter and there’s no place better than Dubai as it fulfills all the dreams.