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A Neverending Family Drama: Amir Khan Has Another Fight With Parents

People thought the worst was over.

amir khan with family

It wasn’t too long ago since we heard that British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan’s feud with his parents was done and dusted. It was reported that Amir and his family have come to terms after a family feud involving Khan, his wife and parents that went on for three years.

Recently, Amir Khan and his wife announced that they are expecting their third child. And this is where it went awry.. in typical Khan fashion.


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Amir Khan Is Never Getting a Break

According to British media reports, Amir’s mother went to congratulate him and his wife at their place. Unfortunately, she was made to wait for an hour outside the door.

After ringing the bell for almost an hour, Khan’s teary-eyed mother returned home.

Despite the news of him ending his differences with his parents, the British media, citing a family source, reports that the boxer is banned from interacting with his family. The family source also claims that every aspect of Khan’s life is controlled by his wife and mother-in-law.

“After an hour, she returned home in tears, crying and sobbing since. Every aspect of his life is controlled by his wife and mother-in-law,who have banned him from talking to his own parents,” the family source claims.

According to this source, Amir Khan and his wife watched Khan’s mother on CCTV camera as she rang the doorbell for an hour.


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A spokesperson of the boxer denied this news and said that neither Amir Khan nor his wife was at home.

Earlier, Amir Khan’s parents had also come to know about Faryal Makhdoomʼs pregnancy through social media.

It all started when Faryal Makhdoom, Amir’s wife, leveled allegations against her in-laws, accusing them of being bullies. Amir’s parents responded with counter accusations, and this in turn started a long family feud.

Amir Khan’s parents had called Faryal Makhdoom an evil influence on the family.

via Geo

Written by Arslan Khattak


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