‘A Very Jahil Act’: Mathira Rebukes Dania Shah For Leaking Aamir Liaquat’s Obscene Videos

The star once again stands up for Dr. Aamir Liaquat.

Model and talk show host Mathira grills Dr. Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife Dania Shah for leaking his obscene but private videos on the internet.


Mathira Mohammad is a Pakistani-Zimbabwean model, dancer, television hostess, singer, and actress. The 29-year-old TV presenter is the daughter of a former Zimbabwean politician. She is currently hosting the show Insta Show with Mathira on Bol Network.

Things just got bad to worse for Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain this week. The Inaam Ghar host has become the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons – again! He was already under public scrutiny for public antics, failed marriages, and his third marriage to an 18-year-old girl. But now his marriage with Syeda Dania Shah has ended in controversial circumstances as well.

According to Dania, Dr. Aamir is an alleged domestic abuser. Dania Shah states he would be intoxicated due to alcohol or would use some drug substance. She even uploaded an indecent video as proof of all her allegations.

While everybody is finding it sick and appalling, the controversial actress Mathira stand up in Aamir Liaquat’s defense. She shares a post on her social media account saying Dania has done an illegal act by leaking a private video. Mathira believes some legal action should be taken.


This is not the first time she stood up for Aalim Online host, when all the people were making fun of him for marrying for the third time she said it’s admirable. And she once also said in an interview that she finds Aamir Liaquat’s antics and content entertaining and funny.

What do you think about this stance of Mathira about Dr. Aamir Liaquat? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Though I am not fan or admirer o ALH but I believe amathira’s stand for him is perfectly alright. It is disgusting to leak such video.
    It shows negative approach of the lady.

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