Aamir Liaquat Scolds Policemen For Aiming Guns at the Public [Video]

Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aamir Liaquat Hussain is making headlines once again

Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aamir Liaquat Hussain is making headlines once again. The legislator called out police unprofessionalism when the general public couldn’t dare do so.

Aamir Liaquat was caught on camera calling out police for aiming their service weapon at the public. The MNA took the law enforcement officials back to school on how their job is to protect and serve the masses, rather than posing threats to them.


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In the video shared by Halaat Updates, when the policemen tried to sass the Aalim Online host he pulled the ‘do you know who I am card’. The policemen were hit with the reality check when they realized they were being called out by a lawmaker.

The policemen’s response further asserts public reservations on police not following service protocol. And if dare challenged by the masses, who attempt to rectify the acts of these servicemen, the police responds with hostility.

Police Brutality in Pakistan

Police brutality and hostility are a problem across Pakistan. Just recently a young man, Usama Satti was killed by Islamabad Police’s Anti-Terrorism Department (ATD) on Srinagar Highway.

Police assert they opened fire when the young man failed to stop his car. However, the images circulating online showcase that the ICT Police did not make an effort to fire non-fatal shots, such as at the tires. The rounds targeted the driver specifically.

On the other hand, an Anti-terrorism Court (ATC) sentenced Assistant Sub-Inspector Tariq Hafeez to death for staging the extra-judicial killing of 27-year-old Maqsood as a police encounter two years ago.

The ATC  judge also ordered the convicted policeman to pay Rs200,000 in compensation to the legal heirs of the victim.


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