Policeman Accused of Raping Woman In Front of Her Son

Bitter reminder of Lahore Motorway rape case.


A recent incident of police brutality has sent shock waves across the country. A policeman in Bahawalnagar is the alleged culprit behind a horrendous rape case, which reminds one of the brutal Lahore Motorway case from last year.

Geo News reports that Punjab policeman in district Bahawalnagar allegedly forced his way into a home and raped a woman in front of her son.

The women raising these allegations asserts that the policeman she is accusing is her neighbor. She revealed that the Punjab policeman would tease and harass her, but when she told him off, he resorted to raping her at gunpoint.


Father of Motorway Rapist Claims Police Did Not Arrest Abid Malhi

According to the woman, the policeman broke into the house and raped her in front of her son. She revealed that despite registering a case with the police, the accused has not been arrested and the suspected predator roamed free.

However, the police said that the accused is on interim bail and further action will be taken after the DNA report is received. According to police, an investigation is underway. They say the probe is on merit and justice will be provided to the affected family.

Previously in the widely publicized Lahore Motorway rape case, a woman was gang-raped by two men in front of her two sons. The incident left the mother and children traumatized and the nation enraged.

Yet again, a crime of this nature has reoccurred, that too at the hands of those who had sworn to protect and serve the public.


Coercion to Cover Crimes By Police

Previously a minor girl withdrew her rape case against Gujranwala Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Mubashir. The girl had retracted her statement before a judicial magistrate. The 15-year-old girl alleged that she was raped by the policeman when she had placed a call to the emergency responder.


15 Year Old Girl Retracts Rape Accusation Against Inspector in Mysterious Circumstances

Geofencing records revealed that ASI Mubashir had indeed stayed at her residence for 40 minutes. During that time the victim made 29 telephone calls from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am.

The public suspected police coercion led to the withdrawal of the case in order to cover up ASI Mubashir’s crime.

Will justice prevail for this woman and her son in their case against a policeman?

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