Aamir Liaquat Under Fire Over Sexual Harassment ‘Joke’

Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aamir Liaquat thought it would be funny to make a ‘joke’ about sexual harassment.

Aamir Liaquat

Pakistani politics, on many occasions, have resorted to cheap shots by cracking sexist ‘jokes’. However, Aamir Liaquat’s recent joke has Netizens furious, and no one’s laughing. Member of National Assembly (MNA) Aamir Liaquat thought it would be funny to make a joke about sexual harassment.

Of course, the ‘joke’ is being slammed as sexist and insensitive.

Earlier this week, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had to postpone its long march, scheduled for late March, aimed at toppling the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. The postponement came amid disagreements within the 10-party opposition alliance.


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So, Aamir Liaquat made a joke that the only way to topple the PTI government would be to falsely accuse a party leader of sexual harassment. Obviously, that sparked outrage on social media.

“There is only one scenario in which PPP can topple the government and that is if [PPP chairperson] Bilawal tears his clothes and accuses Sheikh Rasheed [PTI minister] of sexual harassment.”



Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto is often targeted in sexist jokes by opposing politicians, for not fitting a traditional male archetype. However, the sexism aimed at the young leader is not what sparked the most outrage.

People called out how ‘any normal human being with a semblance of decency’ would not joke about rape and sexual harassment, especially over petty politics.




Humor is used to normalize things, as it removess discomfort around subjects.  The last thing Pakistan needs is to normalize sexual crimes. Additionally jokes like this reduce the very real problem of ‘harassment’ to a ‘fake cry wolf‘.


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The Karachi-based MNA’s problematic jokes span from casual sexism to mocking religion and even making jokes about the deceased. People questioned how the PTI continues to brush this off.



Even if the politician apologizes after the current backlash, this wouldn’t be the first time. Netizens pointed out that apologies for repeated offences mean the guilty individual has made no attempt to be better.


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Written by Ummara Sheraz

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