‘Aamir Shetan’: Dania Shah Shares Instagram Poll To Know Who The Public Is Siding With

From being lovers to becoming the worst enemies, Dania-Aamir fiasco is catching fire!

Aamir Liaquat is having hard luck these days. After marrying for the third time Liaquat left a lot of men in envy for marrying a teenage girl. Right after separating from Syeda Tuba, Liaquat did not even wait a day and tied the knot with Dania Shah. Being all lovey-dovey on screen, both used to post cringeworthy TikTok videos portraying being head over heels with each other. The couple had also shunned all the divorce rumors previously.

But recently, all the speculations and rumors came to be true with Dania Shah revealing that she has filed for a divorce. The news raised a lot of questions about what caused this sudden change of events? The girl who was denying the divorce rumors a while back, claiming that the duo is very much in love, suddenly declared that she is a victim of domestic abuse? The 18-year-old has claimed that the Inaam Ghar host is an alleged alcoholic abuser with drug addiction. Also, Syeda Dania Shah has made some serious allegations of domestic abuse and drug use. She also claimed her Haq Mehr of 11 crores.

Meanwhile, for ‘damage control’ and to prove himself innocent Aamir is releasing inappropriate audios of Dania portraying her as a bad character. He has also denied all the allegations against him. From being lovers to becoming the worst enemies, the Dania-Aamir fiasco is catching fire. Meanwhile, Dania Shah is curious to know who the public is siding with?

Recently, Dania took it to her gram story and shared a poll asking her audience who they side with Dania or ‘Aamir Shetan’.

Take a look!

While men had been praising Aamir for marrying a young girl for the third time, little did anyone know that the 10-month marriage would end in a disaster.

Aamir has made his life quite a show by marrying young girls one after the other. Previously, rumors of a rift emerged when model Hania Khan claimed that she is Aamir Liaquat’s third wife.

Who knows the fourth one might already be on the way!

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