‘Aap Convince Ho Gaey Hain?’ Tere Bin’s New Episode Receives Mixed Reactions

“Poorly Edited”

After a whole week of chaos and anxiety among Tere Bin fans, the story finally unwinded in yesterday’s episode. The makers of the drama did their best to edit the whole story after backlash from the viewers and made it even more confusing. The context was totally changed from Tere Bin promos but Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi performed brilliantly and we remain hooked.

Although the writer and producers tried not to disappoint the fans, Tere Bin is getting mixed reactions from viewers. After the recent episode, many fans are happy that Murtasim didn’t do anything wrong with Meerab and it was consensual, however, most of them are not convinced.

The netizens were mostly amused but some were horrified at how a once popular show has destroyed itself by pandering to sensationalism. Kudos to them for taking out the martial rape but made the fans more confused by all rona dhona if it was consensual. Where is the plot going really?

Here are a few mixed reactions of the audience to the poorly edited episode with a lot of voiceovers and flashbacks.





For the unversed, the 46th episode of the popular drama serial ignited a firestorm of criticism as viewers accused the show of promoting toxic marital relationships and showcasing domestic abuse. Outraged fans criticized the show for potentially portraying marital rape and normalizing abusive relationships.

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