Abdullah Kadwani Urges Fans to Wait for Tere Bin’s Next Episode Before Jumping to Conclusions

All eyes on next episode of Tere Bin

With the next episode of the much-loved drama serial Tere Bin just a few hours away, the producer of the serial, Abdullah Kadwani, shared a tweet to calm the fans after the painful and particularly cliff-hanging last episode.

Kadwani gave a statement, urging fans to stay calm and wait for the next episode and see how the story turns out without jumping to conclusions.

He wrote,

We love and respect our audience. We urge them to wait for the next episode of Tere Bin and please stop jumping to conclusions.

For the unversed, the last episode of the popular drama serial has ignited a firestorm of criticism from viewers who accused the show of promoting toxic marital relationships and showcasing domestic abuse.

The episode featured a scene where Meerab slapped Murtasim after catching him in an intimate hug with Haya. In response, Murtasim locked the doors of their room in a fit of rage. The disturbing scene caused a wave of backlash from viewers who found it unacceptable and distressing.

Outraged fans criticized the show for potentially portraying marital rape and normalizing abusive relationships. Some understood that it is important to cover sensitive topics like marital rape because it’s a real thing that happens in society but their main concern was that if it was going to happen, they should not have built up the character to be so righteous, principled, and kind.

The drama’s writer Nooran Makhdoom, in a recent interview with Arab News, hinted that an excusable forcible act of violence may possibly take place but at the same time, Hira Soomro, who plays the character Maryam, came live on Instagram and shared that the story couldn’t possibly go through a twist that turns its hero, Wahaj Ali (Murtasim), into a villain.

Nooran Makhdom

The controversy surrounding Tere Bin has put the show’s creators and writers in the spotlight. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode to unfold with the hope that they will not let their efforts go to waste.

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