Abrar ul Haq to Build a School in Ali Sadpara’s Village to Honour His Dream

The singer announced via a tweet.

Ali Sadpara

Pakistani singer and philanthropist Abrar ul Haq has taken it upon himself to fulfill the dream of Ali Sadpara. Just yesterday, the singer announced on his Twitter that he will build a school in Sadpara’s village to honor his dream.

It was Ali Sadpara’s dream to build a school in his village after he succeeded in his mission. To honor the missing mountaineer, Abrar ul Haq will now build a school in his memory.

“I have just heard the news that Muhammad Ali Sadpara wanted to build a school in his village after his mission. Therefore we have decided to fulfill his dream and Inshahallah a school will be built in the village of our hero in his memory.”


Abrar’s announcement was met with appreciation from many and once again, as netizens came together and prayed for the Muhammad Ali Sadpara. The celebrated mountaineer, went missing while trying to summit the K2 with two fellow climbers earlier this month. The search operation for Sadpara, John Snorri from Iceland and Juan Pablo from Chile went on for days, however, no fruitful result came out of it.

The search for the climbers is still continuing, although it has been slowed down by inclement weather. Netizens and celebrities are taking it to social media and are praying for their return, which seems next to impossible now. But we are truly hoping for a miracle.




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